Must-know 2020 Black Friday statistics for eCommerce businesses

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Black Friday is not only one of the biggest shopping days but also the most expected shopping season of the year. As a matter of fact, it is essential and partly stressful for enterprises to prepare your store for these days. Not too complicated a process, however, it requires meticulous planning. This article will conclude our roundup of the most recent Black Friday statistics, you might want to take a look to find something useful for your plan.

Why are holiday season statistics important? 

holiday season statistics

Without a doubt, this biggest shopping day is the main thing for eCommerce. Resulting from the post-pandemic situation, it is clearly seen that there was a significant shift from physical stores to digital platforms, and by a massive and scalable benefit, this online shopping trend will keep blowing in the upcoming years. . As a consequence, this day will witness a large increase of traffic, and businesses would definitely cash in on this one of a kind opportunity. However, the challenge is to ensure increased traffic does not lead to poor website experience.

Furthermore, as we have seen, shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices to do online transactions. As a result, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to access.

Must-know Back Friday 2020 statistics

What do people look for on this season?

Noted in a report by IMI International, in 2020, these 5 things that are mostly searched during their shopping progress: on sales item (23%), being local (18%), review of previous buyers (17%), suggestions (12%), and things new stuff (11%). 

Online shopping stats


In 2020, an article from RetailNext indicated a massive decrease in physical shop traffic, by 42.3% in detail. Compared to that portion in 2019, when the pandemic started to have some particular effect, this was down by 49%. 

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Consumers now tend to spend much more time shopping online, resulting in a growth in order volume and value. And also, since going shopping on eCommerce can eliminate drawbacks that happen regularly in brick-and-mortar stores, this tendency will likely continue in the future. Consumer interest in spending online will continue to be swayed by the ease and simplicity of online purchases. A 2,000 participants research on this issue found out how they expect to spend Black Friday in 2020. Due to health and safety concerns, many people want to stay at home.

  • 60.8% of shoppers refused to shop at physical stores because of the crowd
  • 57.1% were concerned much about health or safety issues as a result of Covid pandemic strike down the area
  • 40.9% noted that a long queue was a reason. 
  • 25% experienced more price discounts online than offline

Email statistics

When we talk about marketing strategies that e-commerce brands use to reel in leads, email marketing remains as one of the top and most effective options. 

Monitor Study revealed that a whopping 116.5 million emails go out on Black Friday, which is huge and it is higher than any other day of the year. But the question is large amounts of email have anything to do with generating sales and revenue? Campaign Monitor confirmed that it does have a legitimate impact, and “Black Friday emails witnessed the highest number of opens and links clicked.”

In case you do not have any idea how to make this email thing work, refer to Atom8. This is an automation app on BigCommerce, can automate editing on websites in activities like inventory management, content management, order management, customer management, email marketing with Mailchimp Klaviyo. As any kind of enterprise, Atom8 will be a friend, a companion for businesses on this trip. A massive number of emails needed to send will no longer be a problem during the holiday. This friend will do it for you as well as eliminate all administrative tasks that waste time.

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back friday statistic


In conclusion, these are must-know Black Friday 2020 statistics for eCommerce businesses, hopefully that gives you a big picture, the next thing is to brainstorm and connect everything together for a plan. And remember to refer to Atom8 for more support during this chaotic season.


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