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magento certified b2b partner

Doing business on Magento is not truly easy, especially for beginners. Magento can provide the users with various functions and capabilities to enhance the business operation. However, it requires professionals to make changes and set up eCommerce stores on this platform. Therefore, the B2B businesses need to cooperate with Magento certified partners to develop an eCommerce website and upgrade it during the operation. Our article today will suggest the best Magento certified B2B partners in APAC, AMER and .APAC areas.

Do You Know These Best Magento Certified B2B Partners Near Your Area



The first Magento partner that we want to mention here is Magenest. With more than 7 years of experience, Magenest has provided Magento solutions for various eCommerce businesses in more than 130 countries and territories. The services they offer specialize in eCommerce systems, ERP and CRM platforms, cloud-based infrastructures, technical solutions for digital marketing and so on. For Magento, Magenest can support you to migrate to Magento including server migration, theme migration and extension migration to help you transform to Magento effortlessly. It also helps you to maintain SEO even though your server was migrated. After the services, the clients will receive 3-month free for maintenance and fix to ensure their Magento stores can run smoothly thereafter.


The second outstanding Magento certified B2B partner is SmartOSC. With more than 16 years of experience, SmartOSC has launched more than 1000 eCommerce websites and more than 500 Magento projects with the dedication of more than 350 Magento certified developers. It also was awarded as Magento Excellent Award Finalists in 2018 and 2019; which totally demonstrated its abilities to serve your businesses on Magento platforms. Beyond being a technical solution provider, SmartOSC can bring you a lot of values; including to help you to find the most effective ways to launch and run your business with consultancy services; to build, implement, integrate, migrate and customize your eCommerce stores and to manage and ensure the smooth operation.

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Fisheye CORE

If you are in the EMEA area, Fisheye CORE should be on top of your Magento certified partner lists. It can offer you a full-package of Magento services as it can help you add on various functions for your Magento stores; including content management, customer segmentation, personalization, scalability, merchandising, business intelligence and B2B integration. Although Fisheye Core doesn’t specialize in Magento web development, they could be the best solution for adding more B2B features.


The second option for you in AMEA area is 2simplify. While Fisheye CORE focuses on adding values for your eCommerce, 2 simplify can empower your Magento store’s structure and performance. The services it offers include Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, Magento development, Magento integration, Magento UX/UI design, Magento Upgrade and other support.



Mageplaza is a well-known Magento certified partner in APAC area. It has served more than 100 thousands customers around the world. Its extensions also possess more than 14 million downloads in 176 countries. Mageplaza’s customer service is also outstanding as it offers 60-day money back if your Magento site has bugs, annual upgradation, 365-day free support and composer installation. This provider also can offer you full Magento package from applications for selling activities to extensions to enhance web performance.


Like Mageplaze, Folio3 is also a Magento solution provider that offers you various features to add on and strengthen your Magento eCommerce store. Folio3 bring your store various functions; from centralized inventory management, seamless order management, shipping monitoring, consolidated product data, quick refund, deployment to customization.

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With our Magento certified B2B partner recommended list, we hope that you can find the best-matched partners for your store’s development near your area.


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