How to turn on B2B in Magento community edition

magento community edition b2b turn on

B2B is becoming a hot trend in the eCommerce business world. A lot of businesses choose to transform their eCommerce website (or stores) to meet the demand of B2B transactions and B2B customers. Magento merchants are not exceptions. Although Magento community edition provides the business runners with various features to support their selling activities and […]

Crucial Magento 2 B2B features you need to master

magento 2 b2b features you need to master

Magento 2 provides the B2B eCommerce businesses various features to run the operation smoothly, effectively and efficiently. As considered a difficult platform for eCommerce beginners, the business runners may encounter various obstacles when utilizing the Magento 2 B2B platform, especially the beginners. Therefore, our article will introduce the top 4 most important Magento 2 B2B […]

Discover the top Magento certified B2B partners in your area

magento certified b2b partner

Doing business on Magento is not truly easy, especially for beginners. Magento can provide the users with various functions and capabilities to enhance the business operation. However, it requires professionals to make changes and set up eCommerce stores on this platform. Therefore, the B2B businesses need to cooperate with Magento certified partners to develop an […]

Streamline B2B online ordering process in Magento for customer satisfaction

b2b online ordering

Order process plays a vital role in any B2B transaction. This stage directly links to customer satisfaction and cart abandonment rate; therefore, the B2B businesses need to pay special attention to improving and updating the online ordering process on Magento to give customers the best shopping experience. Our article today will list out some criteria […]

Amazon cross-selling case study: steal from the best online retailer

amazon cross selling

Amazon is considered the biggest global marketplace that provides customers around the world with various types of products. Thanks to its outstanding cross-selling strategies, it earned billions of dollars every year and became the role-model for other businesses to learn from. Therefore, today we will investigate the Amazon cross-selling case study to help you understand […]

How many of these suggestive selling techniques do you know?

suggestive selling techniques

Suggestive selling has proven their power in boosting sales and customer satisfaction recently. Therefore, the eCommerce businesses need to take advantage of it to earn more revenues and improve customer shopping experience. Therefore, our article today will tell you some awesome suggestive selling techniques that you can apply to your eCommerce stores. Suggestive Selling Techniques […]

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