Amazon cross-selling case study: steal from the best online retailer

amazon cross selling

Amazon is considered the biggest global marketplace that provides customers around the world with various types of products. Thanks to its outstanding cross-selling strategies, it earned billions of dollars every year and became the role-model for other businesses to learn from. Therefore, today we will investigate the Amazon cross-selling case study to help you understand why Amazon succeeded in cross-selling and learn something interesting from this case study.

Learn From Amazon Cross-selling Case Study

Data-Driven Approaches

Data is always a trustworthy source for businesses to make appropriate decisions. All the cross-sell ideas were built based on the customer and selling data. Amazon equipped tracking tools to record customer behaviors, purchase history, searching history and recent views. Therefore, Amazon will utilize this information to generate well-matched approaches to customers. The information which closely sticks to reality can give the best results for selling performance. Moreover, data can help the business personalize its approaches and pay more attention to each customer rather than conducting useless mass approaches. As a result, the customers will feel satisfied and engaged with the businesses.

Personalized Emails

Sending emails is one of the most powerful approaches to directly communicate with customers. Amazon takes advantage of customers’ data to send personalized emails to different customers. Personalized emails are not just emails with customers’ name on it; the content of emails need to relate to customers’ demand, their concerns, and their expectations of your products. It is undeniable that investing in personalized emails is a more complicated task but the results it brings to your business might over-expectation. For example, if the system detects a shopping cart abandonment incident, the system can automatically send reminder emails and convince customers to finish orders.

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Personalized Product Recommendation

Thanks to personalized product recommendations, Amazon has sold millions of products more every year. Based on the customer data, Amazon can comprehend what each customer needs to recommend related products. For example, if a customer recently purchases toys, clothes and other stuff for kids, when they search for a raincoat, Amazon also suggests some kid raincoats for them. The personalized product recommendation requires a high-level of accuracy to keep customers satisfied and avoid cart abandonment; therefore, it may be difficult for the business runners to conduct these tasks by themselves. Fortunately, if you are using the BigCommerce platform, Order Booster is truly your solution. You can set the recommendation rule and it can run product recommendation campaigns automatically based on your rules, customers and selling data.

cta bigcommerce recommendation

Offer Free Shipping

Most of the customers are willing to abandon their cart due to the costly shipping fee. Amazon has understood and they offer free shipping for over $25. When the customer updates their accounts, Amazon Prime provides customers unlimited free shipping and the delivery will arrive within 2 days. Amazon has alleviated the shipping cost burden for the customers and motivated them to place orders.


This Amazon case study has inspired a lot of business runners to launch cross-selling campaigns. Thus, we hope that you can learn something innovative from this global eCommerce giant.

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