Streamline B2B online ordering process in Magento for customer satisfaction

b2b online ordering

Order process plays a vital role in any B2B transaction. This stage directly links to customer satisfaction and cart abandonment rate; therefore, the B2B businesses need to pay special attention to improving and updating the online ordering process on Magento to give customers the best shopping experience. Our article today will list out some criteria that customers expect from your business.

Magento B2B Online Ordering Process That Your Customer Are Looking For

Real-time Update Product Inventory

When doing the very first steps of the B2B online ordering process, the customers need to have accurate product information including product description, delivery information and inventory status. It is time-consuming and inconvenient if the customers buy out-of-stock products. Therefore, during the ordering process, all the product inventory status needs to be displayed to let the customers know how many items are left and plan for the order quantity. If necessary, you can utilize the Magento omnichannel to notify customers about the stocks and send real-time notifications to suppliers when the products are out-of-stock.

Quick Order

It is undeniable that the customers want to shorten their online B2B ordering processé that’s why the sellers need to simplify and fasten this stage. Your eCommerce stores can allow the customers to put various products into their shopping cart at the same time without clicking to each product many times and switching to other product pages to put different items. For example, the B2B platform from GritGlobal can help the business to add Quick Order extensions to your online stores. Then, your customers can place orders more quickly.

Fast Search Engine

Searching for expected products may be the most time-consuming task in the B2B online ordering process in Magento. Therefore, the site needs to allow customers to search for items in various ways. For example, besides allowing customers to search for products by keyword, product names, product codes; they can let them import CSV files or product images to find the right one more quickly and reduce mistakes when searching manually.

Purchase History

If you want to maintain long-term customer relationships, don’t forget to save order information for tracking and for later use. The customers need to keep track of their order status to know when the shipment will arrive; and whether there are any potential problems with their orders. Moreover, the stored purchase history can help customers order the next items without conducting some steps; such as searching for products, filling in information, choosing shipping services, etc. Moreover, sellers can offer more deals, special discounts or free shipping if the customers have purchased many times to encourage them to buy more at your online stores. This approach helps the customers save a lot of time and effort; and also helps the sellers keep long-term relationships with their valuable customers.


We have listed out some points of Magento B2B online ordering process which the customers always desire. We hope that you can get some ideas to plan for your better ordering process and satisfy your customers.

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