B2B product information management: the easy way

b2b product information management

Data related to products is a valuable source for the business runners to evaluate the product performance, plan for the next strategies, control selling activities and make decisions. To enhance the quality of product information, you need to improve the effectiveness of product information management. Therefore, we are here today to tell you some simplest approaches for B2B product information management. 

How To Maintain The Effectiveness Of B2B Product Information Management

Trustworthy Product Description

The first thing you need to consider is ensuring a reliable product description. The customers can shop in your store more comfortably when they trust your brand and your product information. The product description needs to be realistic, cohesive, clear and easy to understand. It is unnecessary to show all the product features on the product pages because too much information can make the customers overwhelmed. The stores may need to display only the main features, remarkable features and stick to customers’ demands to help the customers comprehend the product information at a glance rather than spend too much time reading the product descriptions.

Deliver Information Clearly

Besides the high-quality and trustworthy information, the stores need to deliver information clearly to avoid misunderstanding and enhance effective B2B information management. There are various approaches to communicating transparently. For example, the product descriptions should be shortened and shown as bullets rather than paragraphs. The stores can deliver information via images, animation, short videos to help the customers access the information more easily and effortlessly.

Suggest Suitable Product Information

Suitable product recommendation is not only a useful approach for B2B product information management but also a powerful method to boost sales and revenues. Suggesting related products during the customers searching process can help the customers save time and have more selections. However, inappropriate suggestions may cause a sky-high cart abandonment rate and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it would be better if you can research and analyze customers’ behaviors to identify their preferences and tendencies. Then, you can suggest related items, which align with their demands and current trends. Moreover, if you use the BigCommerce platform, you can try to take advantage of the Product Recommendation app. It helps to suggest customers more matched options based on customer data

Effective B2B Catalog 

B2B product catalog should be formed and arranged with essential features and logical orders for the customers to shorten their searching process. Businesses should allow customers to find products by various methods; such as keywords, product photos, categories, CSV files and select products by sorting and filters. Moreover, if your store serves both retail customers and B2B customers, you should allow B2B customers to access their B2B accounts to have more B2B experiences. For example, they are quick order, bulk order, receiving discounts and promotion when ordering in bulk and so on. If you use the Magento platform, your tasks may become simpler with the B2B platform from GritGlobal.


B2B product information management is truly crucial for B2B eCommerce businesses. However, how to keep your management effective is quite easy. We hope you can apply our tips to real cases and get the expected results.

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