Enhanced email notifications guides for BigCommerce store owners

bigcommerce email

Email has become such a powerful tool in our daily workplace communication. It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways a business can use to communicate, both internally and externally. However, not everyone knows how to take the most advantage of email to immediately update notifications. Let’s learn some enhanced email notifications guides for […]

Improve productivities with these b2b data management tips

b2b data management

B2B data is the valuable source for the business runners to evaluate business performance, customer satisfaction, plan the next strategies, control the business activities and make decisions. Therefore, B2B data management plays a strategic role in business development. Our article today will show you some effective approaches to enhance your B2B data management and thus […]

B2B product information management: the easy way

b2b product information management

Data related to products is a valuable source for the business runners to evaluate the product performance, plan for the next strategies, control selling activities and make decisions. To enhance the quality of product information, you need to improve the effectiveness of product information management. Therefore, we are here today to tell you some simplest […]

3 B2B brand management mistakes you’ll never make again

b2b brand management

Effective B2B brand management can strengthen your business reputation, attract more customers and maintain customer relationships. However, not all business runners can manage a B2B brand appropriately and get expected results. Therefore, our article today will list out 3 popular B2B brand management mistakes that need you to pay more attention to. 3 Serious B2B […]

4 must-try cross-sell apps for BigCommerce merchants

cross sell app

Cross-selling is a powerful practice for eCommerce merchants, who want to boost sales and increase revenues. However, how to make cross-sell become effective and optimize your revenues is still a difficult question for the sellers. Therefore, our article today will suggest some cross-sell apps for your BigCommerce stores. 4 Best Cross-sell Apps For Your BigCommerce […]

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