3 B2B brand management mistakes you’ll never make again

b2b brand management

Effective B2B brand management can strengthen your business reputation, attract more customers and maintain customer relationships. However, not all business runners can manage a B2B brand appropriately and get expected results. Therefore, our article today will list out 3 popular B2B brand management mistakes that need you to pay more attention to.

3 Serious B2B brand management Misunderstandings

Only DeV Is Responsible For User Experience

It is undeniable that web performance plays a vital role in the eCommerce business. So a lot of business runners believe that only devs are responsible for users’ shopping experience. However, customer experience is affected by various factors. They include web quality, web content, marketing strategies, customer services, product quality and so on. Web developers only can help you deliver the values to the customers smoothly and quickly. Moreover, user experience is also decided by UX design. The UX design needs to have a clear picture of user needs, your business goals and technical constraints. 

The insights of customers’ behaviors and details of your business operation need to be considered when designing your website. So you may need to have a transparent understanding of the customer journey. Those can be how they can find their expected products, what makes them abandon shopping carts, what can encourage them place orders,…

Do Not Understand How Technical Tools Work

In this modern world, using technical solutions is prevalent for an eCommerce business. There are some popular technical tools such as CRM, automation tools, tracking tools, and other extensions. While there are so many businesses that choose technical tools to strengthen customer relationships, boost revenues and enhance user experience. A lot of business runners do not understand how those tools work and how to optimize their functions. 

Moreover, if you do not comprehend the app’s features, you may choose the unsuitable ones. The incompatible ones can waste your time and money, even affect your marketing effectiveness. To select the well-matched applications, you need to identify many things. Which are your goals, business needs, your budget and abilities to utilize technology solutions. Also, you need to search for the product information carefully, read the instructions and ask for further information if you still have concerns. 

During the marketing campaigns, you may encounter some difficulties. It would be better if you can contact the customers’ support for detailed and clear guides.

Do Not Clean Database

Customer data plays a vital role in forming marketing strategies, including identifying target segments, advertising and product recommendation.

Customer data helps you address accurate customer interests, market trends instead of wasting resources on unrelated approaches. However, you need to clean your database to have an accurate scope of target customers. Which means you should have more useful data and delete unnecessary ones. To clean your database, you need to define the data strategies and do the followings:

  1. Conduct an audit
  2. Do dupe
  3. Check, honor preference
  4. Enrich your data group
  5. Write a formal document


With our reminders of 3 prevailing B2B management mistakes, we hope that you can pay more attention to them and plan effective brand management strategies.


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