4 must-try cross-sell apps for BigCommerce merchants

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Cross-selling is a powerful practice for eCommerce merchants, who want to boost sales and increase revenues. However, how to make cross-sell become effective and optimize your revenues is still a difficult question for the sellers. Therefore, our article today will suggest some cross-sell apps for your BigCommerce stores.

4 Best Cross-sell Apps For Your BigCommerce Stores


RecCommerce is a product recommendation app that can help your store upsell with AI-based suggestions. This app can produce personalized recommendations from the data of customers behaviours and selling records. The AI technology can enhance the accuracy of the suggestions and give customers more matched and attractive items.

This application also can track customers behaviours, summarize data on Spreadsheets, analyze and draw a transparent picture of customer preferences. The forms of the recommendation include suggesting trending and popular items based on the recent transactions, quantity sold revenues, suggesting complementary products and suggesting similar products. Moreover, this application is truly user-friendly and mobile-friendly, which can provide customers better shopping experience on both desktop and mobile phones. 


Another supporter of your business cross-sell strategies is Recom.ai. This app can help you to communicate with customers better during their shopping on your online store. Recom.ai can send personalized product recommendations that stick to customers’ needs and preferences. You can create your product suggestions by setting your conditions on collection, price, categories,… effortlessly to launch your cross-selling strategies. There are 11 forms of recommendation that you can choose from. They are new arrivals, top trending, frequently bought together, you may also like and so on. 

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With this app, you can cross-sell at every step of customers’ buying journey. It can be on the product page, landing page, checkout page and shopping cart, or the “thank you” and error page. Moreover, besides pop-up product suggestions, this app also recommends products with static blocks, sliders and other designs. 

How to enhance the accuracy of the suggestions and ensure it will be matched with customers needs? Below the product recommendation notifications, the customers can rate the quality of suggestions by clicking the “like” or “dislike” button. Therefore, Recom.ai can generate and improve more suitable options for the customers. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

GritGlobal Product Recommendation

A cross-sell app for BigCommerce merchants which can completely meet your demands and boost product conversion is the Product Recommendation app from GritGlobal. This app can analyze customers behaviors, group customers into suitable segmentation, and suggest well-matched items for each segment. 

Moreover, this app from GritGlobal allows you to customize your rules for product recommendation. It works by setting specific conditions related to the page displayed, cart items, product values and customer behaviors. You can add particular items to your recommendation list and set a time for activating or inactivating your rules. This app can tailor your messages on suggestion sliders with complete headlines and descriptions and sort products following your pre-set order. 

Moreover, after your cross-sell campaigns, you can get a performance report from this app. It helps to identify which rules can gain the most revenue, monitor order performance and have data to launch the next cross-sell campaigns.

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LimeSpot is a personalized product recommendation app based on AI technology. This app can provide product recommendations in various layouts such as grid, sliders, a carousel with different forms. They include You may also like, Bundles, Frequently Bought Together, and so on. This app can display product suggestions on all of your pages based on customer’s behavior. Which are current products on the customers shopping carts, recent purchases and recent views. Moreover, you can customize the product suggestions and preview them before launching cross-sell campaigns. 


With our suggested cross-sell apps and detailed descriptions, we believe that you can decide the best option for your BigCommerce stores to boost sales and enhance customer engagement. 


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