Enhanced email notifications guides for BigCommerce store owners

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Email has become such a powerful tool in our daily workplace communication. It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways a business can use to communicate, both internally and externally. However, not everyone knows how to take the most advantage of email to immediately update notifications. Let’s learn some enhanced email notifications guides for BigCommerce store owners in this article!

Set up default email notifications

Order notifications

When a customer places an order, having your staff keep updated about order status is very important. Because it contributes to your smooth operation process. If you are running an eCommerce store on BigCommerce platform, do not miss this valuable feature.

To turn on order notifications via email, you need to follow 5 quick steps in your BigCommerce account:

Step 1: Go to Advanced Settings, which is on the left side of the main BigCommerce dashboard

Step 2: Select Order Notifications

Step3: Click on the Email message section next to general settings

Step 4: Enter the email address(es) that you want to get the notifications. Make sure to separate them with a comma!

Step 5: Save all the changes

In case you want to test how it works, click on “Test Notification Method” below the email address box in step 3. It will send the sample email to the address(es) inserted.

Here is a order notification example:

Invoice email

Another useful tool that BigCommerce provides you is to forward invoices through email. The invoice mails contain order information like the items ordered and the address to deliver them to. The settings are very simple:

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Step 1: In your main dashboard, choose Store Setup on the left hand

Step 2: Choose Store settings in the new page

Step3: Choose Miscellaneous, which is in the end of the tab list

Step 4: Check the Forward Order Invoices box (you may need to scroll down a little)

bigcommerce email

Step5: Enter the email address(es) in the blank that appears right after you check the Forward Order Invoices box

Step 6: Save all changes

Advanced email notifications with Atom8

Incomplete order reminder

Besides default features of BigCommerce, you can advance your email notifications by Atom8’s product management tools. One of them is “Notify your staff about unfulfilled orders after several days”. With this workflow, you can keep track of the number of incomplete orders. Then your staff may manage to deal with those on time. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Potential fraud orders

Ecommerce businesses face a higher risk against the level of trust than offline stores. Therefore, it is urged to stay alert when there are unusual email domains, addresses or abnormally large orders. Atom8 will help you to keep updated immediately on all the potential fraud orders. Set up the workflows in just a few clicks away to protect your business:

Notify of suspicious email domain
Notify of an abnormally large order

Low inventory notification

Another useful feature that you can take advantage of Atom8 is “notify of inventory level”. As soon as your inventory reaches a certain number, emails will be automatically sent to whoever needs to be alerted. So that your staff can re-order with vendors on time. Moreover, it may send email to the marketing team to stop promoting that product, which helps to save marketing costs for your business. The workflow can be set based on the inventory level or “low stock” conditions as below:

Notify of inventory level

In summary, we have suggested some guides to enhance your email notifications for your BigCommerce store. Hopefully, you can apply either default features of BigCommerce or advanced tools of Atom8 to boost your business development in the future. 

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