The Ultimate Guide to scale your Shopify store

The Ultimate Guide to scale your Shopify store

Every business owner knows that increased steady sales are the key to growth. No merchant would want to get inconsistent sales and expect to grow over time. When it comes to scaling your eCommerce business, you need to enable and support the growth process to be successful.

If you run a Shopify store, how do you plan to scale your store considering the number of competitors in the market? Sales and growth are directly proportional to one another. Therefore, to ensure you have steady sales that will boost your growth, here is a simple guide to scaling your Shopify store.

Improve mobile experience

More than 87% of online shoppers use their mobile or smartphone to make a purchase, therefore, improving the mobile experience can help your store. There are several ways to do this. You can test the usability of your website and make it mobile-friendly.

An easy-to-navigate website is essential to a positive experience and customer satisfaction. It makes it easier for customers to buy from you. Furthermore, ensure your website speed is excellent because when a page loads slower, it turns off shoppers. Improving your site speed is essential when scaling your Shopify store because customers are not patient, slow loading sites are penalized, affecting your sales since it takes less than 2 seconds for a customer to abandon a cart.

Show social proofs

Nowadays, social proof is everything since we are in a social media age. Displaying social proof such as feedback and reviews allows your customers to read about other shoppers’ experiences. You need to use social proof to scale your Shopify store because it helps build trust and credibility. When other customers see positive reviews from previous shoppers, it boosts and encourages them to buy products from your brand.

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Furthermore, these customers that provide reviews can become your brand ambassadors, who can help convert indecisive customers to make a purchase. Another benefit of showing social proof is that it gives customers an unbiased insight into your brand. These pictures can provide insight into the quality of your product and services.

Start upselling and cross-selling

Cross-selling and upselling is another way to scale your Shopify store. Upselling involves convincing your customers to upgrade and buy an expensive product than they would have preferred to buy. When you encourage upsell, you maximize the profitability of your store.

Furthermore, it is easier for you to encourage your existing customers to spend more to get more benefits.

Use email marketing campaigns

Email marketing can help boost your sales. You can personalize emails to help strengthen the customer journey to making a purchase. Implement email marketing contributes to scaling your Shopify store as it builds a stronger relationship with your customers. You can implement different email marketing campaigns to scale your store.

With discount emails, you can offer unique coupons to encourage customers to buy specific products and drive your website traffic. Personalized emails can also help to boost your sale, while you can use product announcement emails to inform your customers about your latest products in your store.

Get creative with automation tools

Shopify automation app frees you from repetitive tasks and creates room for growth. There are countless options to minimize manual processes tailored to your own business model. You can get some ideas from this post: workflow automation examples to increase productivity.

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