4 essential product management workflows for BigCommerce stores


As a BigCommerce merchant, how fast and efficient are you working with your store?

Have you known that doing manual tasks on BigCommerce can take you about 50% of your working hours? 

Thus, doing a proper product management workflow to run your business is crucial as it enhances your business productivity and efficiency. More specifically, you can reduce up to 4 hours of work per day!

The blog will give you an example of 4 essential product management workflows for BigCommerce stores. Let’s take a look!

4 essential product management workflows for BigCommerce stores

Schedule for promotion

During peak seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween, making discount decisions is very important for merchants. It helps you attract more customers based on discount codes and promotional items.

With an automation app on BigCommerce, you don’t have to wait until the peak seasons to offer your discount codes or discount products. This massive amount of workload is lessened by automation software.

In addition, sometimes your customers may find cheaper prices at your competitors or negotiate with you for a price decrease, automating it also allows you to increase customer shopping experience and sell more.

Change product availability status

A large number of categories that exist in your store will make it difficult to control inventory. Your customers might not feel happy if they see a lot of products have 0 inventory. Having software that automatically alerts you for timely intervention is essential to managing your catalog smoothly and keeping it clean.

And yet, you can also automatically adjust the items to “pre-order” and “back-order” status to out-of-stock items. Moreover, you can send an email automatically to customers when the goods are available.

Track product performance

Checking the performance of each item in time is crucial for the right strategy for each product type. Automation software will help you get data on how the goods are linked with the quantity sold by sort order, helping you get an accurate insight and overview to make timely decisions.


Switch product category

Once again, do you have products that bring you a huge profit? Or simply you have items that are in stock with high quantity and you want customers to notice it? Those products must definitely be listed in special categories for higher customer attention.

One great example of BigCommerce product management workflow software is Atom8 – an automation solution available on BigCommerce now tackles any of the above concerns. Despite having a lot of powerful capabilities, it is simple to manipulate and use. Atom8 can perfectly integrate with your BigCommerce. This makes it simple to use, automate, and administer your online business. Discover Atom8 here:

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Atom8 makes store management tasks effortless by automation.


Final note

Your BigCommerce store will run a lot smoother if you have an effective product management workflow, one of which can be helped by automation software. Hope this article will help your business grow even more!


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