Crucial Magento 2 B2B features you need to master

magento 2 b2b features you need to master

Magento 2 provides the B2B eCommerce businesses various features to run the operation smoothly, effectively and efficiently. As considered a difficult platform for eCommerce beginners, the business runners may encounter various obstacles when utilizing the Magento 2 B2B platform, especially the beginners. Therefore, our article will introduce the top 4 most important Magento 2 B2B features you need to master to strengthen your business operation and enhance customer satisfaction.

4 Magento 2 B2B features you need to master

Ask For Product Reviews

Product reviews are considered as more trustworthy information than product descriptions from the brands. Product reviews play a crucial role in motivating buying decisions of customers. Therefore, if you want to increase conversion rate, you need to display as many positive product reviews from real customers as possible. Moreover, to have those reviews, you need to encourage customers to write short reviews about what they bought.

It is undeniable that the customers pay special attention to discounts and coupons; therefore, the sellers can give them a coupon whenever they finish the reviews which follow certain requirements. This Magento 2 B2B feature will strongly motivate customers to express what they think about their last purchases; as they can not ignore a chance to buy more at a cheaper price. The business can use personalized email marketing to ask for personal reviews, give coupons and upsell.

Enhance User Experience

Like other eCommerce platforms, Magento significantly cares about user experience; as its marketplace offers various extensions to optimize the web performance for better user experience. For example, the B2B platform from GritGlobal can bring you various Magento 2 B2B features that enhance B2B selling activities for both buyers and sellers. Those B2B features include bulk order, customer account, personalization pricing and so on. 

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Utilize Multi-user Accounts

A business usually has various customer segments which need different products, services and support. Magento understands this fact; and it allows businesses to use Magento extensions to utilize multi-user accounts and serve different B2B customers. For example, the B2B platforms can allow each customer’s account with the administration to access product catalog, order viewing, order approvals, quote requesting and so on. The permissions and restrictions are flexibly customized to allow customers to reach their needed areas.

This Magento 2 B2B feature also helps you to run parallelly both B2B and B2C businesses; as it can divide different customers to different accessible parts of the stores with high-secured accounts.

Service Order Management

It is undeniable that editing order statuses, order information, item listings are boring and time-consuming tasks. Therefore, Magento also offers an edit order extension to help the sellers edit the order information, track order processes and store order data effortlessly. 


No matter if you are newbies or long-time users, having a deep understanding of Magento 2 B2B features can help you a lot in business operation tasks on this eCommerce platform. We hope our listing and explanation can bring instruction for you to choose and utilize the most suitable B2B Magento 2 features for your businesses.


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