How many of these suggestive selling techniques do you know?

suggestive selling techniques

Suggestive selling has proven their power in boosting sales and customer satisfaction recently. Therefore, the eCommerce businesses need to take advantage of it to earn more revenues and improve customer shopping experience. Therefore, our article today will tell you some awesome suggestive selling techniques that you can apply to your eCommerce stores.

Suggestive Selling Techniques That You Should Never Missed

Rely On What Customer Need

The top requirement when suggesting a product is sticking to customer data. The customer data which can be achieved from tracking to tools is a valuable source for the business runners to develop well-matched suggested selling pop up. For example,  if the customer purchased a tshirt, the system can remember and then suggest suitable pants to help a customer have nice outfits. The irrelevant suggestions can disturb customers and contribute to increased cart abandonment. If you are afraid of unrelated recommendations, you can utilize the OrderBooster app to generate suitable suggestions which closely fit the customers needs and expectations.

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Create Urgency Feeling

The customer may feel hesitant to buy more when they come across suggestive pop-up. Therefore, the sellers need to motivate them to put more items in their carts and hurry up their ordering process. For example, they can display a countdown clock on the landing pages to show how many minutes are left for the special deals. Then, the customers may think “Oh! It is not time for hesitating!.” Moreover, the websites can show how many buyers placed orders to encourage other customers. 

Offer Discount

It would be a mistake if we do not mention offering a discount in this list. Discount is always the most powerful approach to boost sales. Some popular discount programs that attract various customers are buy more get more buy more for free gifts percent discount. The business runner needs to have pricing plans to gain profit from discount and promotion campaigns.

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Offer Free Shipping

The customers, especially those who buy a lot of products, are afraid of expensive shipping fees. It is a considerable barrier for the buyers to finish their orders and causes sky-high cart abandonment. Therefore, the sellers need to cut down on shipping costs or give the customer freeship vouchers to alleviate the cost burden. Moreover, the businesses can conduct dropshipping to reduce the fee and fasten delivery process. 

Offer Additional Services

It would be better if the businesses provide more relevant services when customers buy products. For example, if you sell a car, you can offer customers 3-month free maintenance to give them more persuasive reasons to finish orders. The additional services may not be costly but bring customers more value and enhance their satisfaction. If you don’t want to run any discount or promotion program, you can try this approach instead.

Display Social Proof

Some customers may doubt the quality of suggestive products. Therefore, your responsibility is to prove that those products are high-quality and money-worthy. The sellers can show some honest reviews from previous buyers including texts, photos and videos to encourage other customers to put the items to their cart.


With our well-researched suggestive selling techniques, we hope that you can collect some suitable ideas for your eCommerce business and achieve sky-high revenues in the near future.


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