How To Start A Dropshipping Business On BigCommerce


If you want to start up an eCommerce business with a tight budget constraint, going for a dropshipping business on Bigcommerce will be a great choice. Dropshipping businesses allow you to act as the middleman between suppliers and customers. Therefore, you can cut down on stocking costs and all you need to do is try to sell and gain profits.

However, how to start a dropshipping business on BigCommerce? We will show you step by step in this article today.

Guide To Establish A Dropshipping Business On BigCommerce

Define Your Business Profile

The first thing you need to think about is building your business by yourself or using pre-built dropshipping platforms. While structuring on your own allows you to design and construct what you want, it costs a lot of money and time as you need to hire specialists and pay for them. The pre-built dropshipping platforms will help you save time and money which you can invest in marketing, customers services, and so on. Both options have pros and cons but if you have difficulties in capital, choosing the available platforms may be suitable.

Next, you need to decide your business name and register it. Picking the name for your business is super significant. The name will express your business types, your signature product lines, your specialty, and so on. Also, the name should contain the keywords as the customers can feasibly find you on the internet. For instance, if you sell accessories for house decoration, a name with the sync as “[your personal name] home decor” can be a good one.

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Finally, don’t forget to get an EIN and a business license, which depends on your location. 

Choose Your Product Line

When you have an idea to start a dropshipping business, maybe you have thought about what you want to sell; establishing a dropshipping business on Bigcommerce will help you make it real. You need to conduct market research about your products, the level of demands, competitors, how much you can earn with those products to map out the selling strategies. 

If you have no idea about what you want to sell, it’s no problem. You may need to look at trends, for example, on Google Trends. Then, you will find out people’s current tendencies, the demand for products, and who needs them. Another way is looking at other online stores, what they sell and how many products are sold. However, it is unwise if you sell similar products like them, you may need to differentiate your products and your selling will be able to compete with other sellers. 

Connect With Suppliers

You need to find your suppliers who will work with you for a long-time. The suppliers will be your partners as they can support you with a smooth workflow to ensure your customers can buy high-quality products as soon as possible. You can find your suppliers in your product categories at Wholesalecentral based on detailed information and reviews from customers. Among various suppliers, you can consider one by one with wholesale prices, shipping time, service, etc.

Build Your Ecommerce Business

Building your eCommerce business is truly easy on the Bigcommerce platform. Although you use the available templates, you can totally create unique brand features. On this platform, your Bigcommerce dropping business has a lot of chances to reach customers on a large scale, so that you don’t need to spend on paid ads. Moreover, you may not need too much attention to web and payment security as it is pretty safe to do transactions on the Bigcommerce platform. 

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Develop Your Ecommerce Business

When you have defined your BigCommerce dropping business process, you can take advantage of Atom8 to automate related tasks such as sending information to suppliers updating order status, exporting selling reporting, etc. You can discover Atom8’s functions here:

internal CTA atom8 1

Atom8 makes store management tasks effortless by automation.

Moreover, you may need to take action to grab customers’ attention. Sending promotion, welcomed product recommendation emails to specific customers with personalized content will create the first impression for your target customers. Investing in posts, blogs, articles with entertaining or informative content on your website or social media platforms with beautiful design, attractive styles may enhance your business identification. Last but not least, don’t forget to try Facebook or Instagram ads to reach a huge number of customers.


Are you ready to start a dropshipping business on Bigcommerce today? Definitely yes! Hope our article helps you start effortlessly!


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