5 most popular B2B eCommerce marketing tactics

b2b ecommerce marketing

Marketing strategies can help your business come closer to customers, communicate with buyers and launch your products. However, not all marketing tactics can bring customers to your eCommerce stores and some of them are even useless and money-wasting. Therefore, our article today will show you 5 most popular B2B eCommerce marketing tactics that you should try. 

5 B2B Ecommerce Marketing Tactics You Should Try

High-quality Content Marketing

The first thing you need to take into consideration is high-quality content marketing. Content marketing is the old but gold marketing tactic that you should never miss. You need to ensure all your product description is trustworthy, realistic, clear and easy to understand. The product information should be displayed by listing out some most needed and remarkable features so the customers can comprehend the main content at a glance rather than spend too much time reading long paragraphs. Moreover, don’t forget to add keywords to your product description to level up the search ranks. 

Besides, the blog should play as a guide, instructor, advisor for the customer who comes to your stores and needs more information. Blog with cohesive content, trending keywords, internal links will enhance customers trust and your website ranking as well. Also, you can deliver more content via short videos, animations, storytelling by photos to diversify your content marketing and attract more customers’ attention.

Displays Ratings And Reviews

Another marketing tactic that we would like to introduce is reviews and testimonials. The customers tend to trust the feedback from customers who have real experiences with the products. To get reliable reviews from your customers you need to keep in touch with customers by email or other forms; to ask them for product reviews or their buying experience. After getting the response from customers, you should thank them or solve the problems if the customers give negative feedback. With the positive feedback, you can display it as pop-ups or sliders on your product page to encourage new customers to place orders. 

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Improve User Experience

User experience is truly crucial for customer satisfaction. B2B customers may need more special features to optimize their shopping experience. For example, they need a B2B catalog to find products more quickly and place orders more conveniently so your stores need to provide these features to support their ordering process. Besides, B2B customers also need other features such as bulk orders, B2B accounts, quick orders. So the businesses should meet their demands. Fortunately, if you use the Magento platform, you can add all those features by using the B2B platform from GritGlobal with simple manipulation and a user-friendly interface.


It’s indisputable that not all customers have the same preferences so you need to personalize your marketing approach. To make it easier, you can group customers into different segments based on their interests, behaviors, and recent purchases. Therefore, you can personalize contents to access corresponding groups.

Launch Membership Program

Finally, don’t forget to maintain customer relationships by launching membership programs. For example, you can send follow-up personalized email marketing, birthday vouchers, and special deals for the return buyers to encourage them to buy more at your stores rather than becoming new customers with more deals at other stores. 


With our recommended B2B eCommerce marketing tactics, we hope that you can plan your marketing strategies with suitable forms and approaches to satisfy customers and improve brand awareness. 


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