What are the skills that an eCommerce operations coordinator needs?

ecommerce operations coordinator

A successful eCommerce business really needs the support of skillful eCommerce operations coordinators. A perfect eCommerce operations coordinator will need to possess some certain skills to do the business tasks and manage the operation smoothly and effortlessly. Therefore, our article today will list out some essential skills to be an awesome eCommerce operation coordinator. 

Essential Skills To Be An E-Commerce Operation Coordinator


seo ecommerce coordinator

SEO plays a vital role in leveling up your site ranking on the search engine. This can enhance your brand appearance and reach more target customers. Therefore, the eCommerce operation coordinator should have a comprehensive understanding of SEO criteria. In detail, they need to know how to create a blog to drive SEO and convert the target audience to paying users. Moreover, they need to know how to plan social media marketing strategies. Improving SEO and promoting brand awareness via SEO campaigns are also as important.

Graphic Design

Besides the content, the eCommerce operation collaborators need to make images and animation to visualize the content and communicate more lively with the customers. They may need to make the product photos and marketing stuff such as banners, ads, email frames, etc. become attractive and engaged to deliver messages to customers. Also, they need to manage and plan for the marketing campaigns in terms of posts, blogs, and irrelevant images on it. 

Knowledge Of ECommerce Platforms

The most important field of knowledge that the eCommerce operation coordinator needs to comprehend is about the eCommerce platforms, especially the popular ones. They need to know how to set up, monitor and run eCommerce businesses. As well as update product information, connect with customers, and launch new product lines on the eCommerce platforms. Moreover, they need to have fundamental knowledge of each business department on an eCommerce platform. These include product management, inventory management, content management, customer data management to get involved in the business activities without difficulties.

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Utilize Technical Solutions

The advantages of technical solutions to the business operation is undeniable. A lot of businesses utilize various applications and software to automate and strengthen the business tasks. The eCommerce operations coordinator need to select suitable applications to boost productivity and save time and efforts on business tasks. For example, if the business needs to help employees stay focused and work efficiently, it would be better to adopt automation.

Therefore, an eCommerce operations coordinator need to choose and install powerful automation apps such as Atom8 to automate the processes and leverage productivity. Try the app here:

CTA atom8 1
Atom8 helps store coordinators do more with less time.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) includes the processes which aim at ensuring the smooth and effective business procedure. The eCommerce operations coordinator need to have abilities to control the quality and improve the mistakes in each business task. For example, they need to take part in planning and developing testing programs. This is to check the quality of products, services, selling performance, employee performance. Then, file report to the head of each related department.


There are various skills that an eCommerce operations coordinator needs, depending on each business’s demand. We have listed out the most popular and essential criteria to be a good and competent eCommerce staff in this modern eCommerce world to help your business stand out from the competitors.


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