Fix Mistakes Fast: BigCommerce Edit Order for Flawless Sales

BigCommerce edit order

Running an online store has its challenges and one common issue is needing to edit orders after they’re placed. This could involve correcting an address, updating quantities, or applying discounts. The ability to modify orders smoothly is crucial for a great customer experience.

BigCommerce edit order feature allows merchants to easily change existing orders. This ensures smooth transactions. In this post, we’ll show you how to use this valuable tool. It will automate your order management and improve customer service.

How To Edit BigCommerce Orders

When it comes to BigCommerce edit order, you can change all sorts of details like the customer’s account info, their email, billing and shipping addresses, product prices and quantities, any options they selected, the shipping method, discount amounts, coupon codes used, order comments, and staff notes.

Now, if you need to add extra items or shipping charges, you’ll have to create a brand-new order. You can’t just tack those on to an existing order that’s already been paid for. Speaking of which, if the payment has gone through and been captured or approved, you won’t be able to re-authorize or re-charge that same order. For those situations where you need to remove items, adjust shipping, or apply a discount after the fact, you’ll use the Refund action instead.

If you’re working with a draft order that hasn’t been submitted yet, the process is a bit different – check out the “Creating a Draft Order” documentation for that.

Before you can implement BigCommerce edit order, just make sure your user account has the “Manage Orders” and “Edit Orders” permissions enabled. Once you’ve got that setup, editing is easy!

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Just go to the Orders section, click the “View” option, find the order you want to change, click the action icon next to it, and select “Edit Order”. The order details will be broken into 4 sections – Customer Info, Items, Shipping, and Finalize. Update what you need in each section and you’re all set!

Customer Information

This is where you will fix any issues with the order’s email address or billing details. When editing a guest checkout order, the “Order for” option will be set to “New Customer” by default.

But if you’re editing an order from an existing customer account, it will default to “Keep existing customer details”. Leave it on that setting to ensure any changes get saved to the right customer account.

Down at the bottom, there’s a checkbox to “Save to customer’s address book”. Check that if you want to update the billing address on file for that customer.

Sometimes, existing customers accidentally check out as guests. Their guest orders won’t show up in their account history then.

To fix that, edit the guest order and change the “Order for” option to “Existing Customer”. Then use the search field to find and select that customer’s name, email, or company.

Once you’ve linked it to their account, you can click through and make any other changes needed. When you get to the Finalize step, click Save. The order will now be properly associated with their customer account.


You can update quantities, options, and prices – even if the order has already been paid for. However, you cannot recharge or get a new payment on that same order. If you need to add a product that was missed, or if the customer wants to add more items, you’ll have to create a completely new order for that.

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If you need to remove products from an order that was already paid, use the “Refund” action. Refunding allows you to take items off the order while also giving the customer their money back for those products.

Do not just edit the items directly on a paid order. Use Refund instead, so the customer gets properly refunded for anything you remove.


This is where you will update or fix any shipping details. You will see the shipping address and method that the customer originally selected.

The shipping method they chose will be labeled “Use Existing Quote”. If you need to change the shipping method, add shipping charges, or split the order to multiple addresses (which changes the shipping costs), you’ll have to create a brand-new order. You can’t recharge or get a new payment on the same existing order.

If you select “None” for the shipping method, it will remove any previous shipping and not assign a new method. This is useful if you’re manually updating a paid shipping order to an in-store pickup where no shipping fee applies.

When downgrading the shipping method like that, use the “Refund” action to partially refund the customer or give them store credit for the shipping amount they overpaid.

If you have custom pickup settings enabled, this section will instead show the retail location and pickup option the customer chose. To change their pickup, select a new method from the dropdown.

BigCommerce Edit Order for Flawless Sales with Atom8

With Atom8’s quotation feature, BigCommerce merchants can easily fix order mistakes and ensure flawless B2B sales. This powerful tool allows sales reps to set custom quote prices directly for merchants, even lower than the accepted price. Store admins won’t be warned about these special orders, but merchants and sales staff can receive notifications if quote prices reach a set threshold.

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Merchants can also configure minimum order quantities or amounts specifically for B2B quotes, preventing issues with low stock levels. This flexibility, unavailable for regular B2C orders, streamlines the B2B buying process. If needed, merchants can delete quotes or email buyers to update them effortlessly.

Atom8’s quotation feature gives BigCommerce merchants complete control over their B2B orders, quantities, and item management, ensuring a seamless, mistake-free sales experience for their valued business customers.

Final Thoughts,

With BigCommerce’s powerful order editing capabilities combined with Atom8’s quotation feature, merchants have all the tools they need to manage orders flawlessly. From fixing mistakes quickly to offering custom quote pricing for B2B customers, the BigCommerce edit order process is streamlined and tailored to your business needs. Contact us today to ensure a smooth, professional sales experience every time!


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