How to handle late delivery and make customers happy

Customers are the most significant assets to any business; they are like a goldmine that needs to be taken care of. Customers want their product delivered on time whenever they make an order. Recent statistics indicate that more than 46% of customers are unlikely to order from a store in the instance of late delivery. At times, on-time deliveries might be beyond the control of the business owner because of unforeseen situations.

Furthermore, avoiding complaints and concerns from customers due to late deliveries can even aggravate the matter. It isn’t something to take lightly for the new eCommerce business because every customer who makes an order is essential. To ensure you don’t chase your customers away due to late deliveries, here are simple ways to handle late delivery and make your customers happy. Remember, a happy customer is a happy business.

Communicate with customers

Late deliveries are unavoidable; perhaps it can be a natural disaster or unplanned event. Notwithstanding what the situation might be, open communication with customers can remedy the problem. Approach your operations from a customer-focused perspective; it will help you retain customers peradventure you have shipping malfunctions or late deliveries.

Customers might be more impatient in case you are having backorders, be sure to take measures to avoid cancelation.

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Once your delivery company gets behind schedule, you risk losing your customers. Even at times, loyal customers get annoyed because they might have planned what to do with their shipment. For instance, a birthday gift being delayed for two days. However, having honest and transparent communication can increase the chances of keeping your customers despite a poor delivery experience.

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Specify shipment tracking

Avoid putting your company in a place where your customers know you for late deliveries. It doesn’t spell well for your brand because you will outstretch your shipping resources to meet demands. To avoid such cases, specify shipment tracking. Ensure to deliver at the stipulated time even if you have to provide quicker than your competitors.

Delivery of product quicker than expected can be an attractive quality your customers will appreciate. When shipping items, be honest about how fast you can deliver them. You can damage your relationship if you can’t meet up with the deliveries.

Provide offers and discounts

Customers usually complain privately or publicly when they experience a bad delivery. Negative comments can be bad and good on social media since you can respond to these comments. It allows you to win back your loyal customers while visitors can read through reviews and comments.

gift and discount for late delivery

You can offer gifts, shipping refunds, or a credit when the fault is totally from your bran in dealing with a late delivery. With these little gestures, you can retain your customers before they think of ditching you for your competitors.

Supplier relationship management

At times, most delays result from suppliers’ inability to deliver the goods to your store at the stipulated time. To avoid such delays, you can have multiple suppliers to provide these products. Furthermore, you need to build a solid supplier relationship that allows you to manage when and how these items can be delivered on time.

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