How BigCommerce businesses automate sales processes


Running an eCommerce business can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. BigCommerce provides merchants with powerful solutions to help streamline their operations and optimize some of these core functions so that businesses can leverage time for other important activities. In this blog post we will explore how businesses use BigCommerce automate sales processes in order to reduce operational costs and maximize profitability.

What is a sales automation process?

The approach of simplifying time-consuming manual processes within the sales process is called sales automation.

Your sales representatives invest time every day on lead research, selecting which prospects to approach, personalizing their outreach, and inputting the data into the system.

These processes consume valuable time that your sales staff could spend building connections with prospects. By investing in the sales automation process, the sales team may automate daily, weekly, and monthly duties, freeing them up to concentrate on crucial opportunities that need to be closed.

How BigCommerce businesses automate sales processes

How BigCommerce automate sales processes works

Analyze sales processes

You must first outline every step your team takes in the sales process. You will then choose which jobs can be automated and which cannot. There are probably repeated jobs throughout any sales process. Identify the routine activities that waste time yet doesn’t accomplish anything.

After defining the sales process for your business, you may start looking for technologies that help automate particular steps.

Automate prospecting and lead generation

Automation can help you spend less time looking for suitable prospects and attempting to obtain their contact information if your business utilizes LinkedIn for sales prospecting. Users can set up customized filters, for instance, in Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium to get emails from LinkedIn about fresh potential customers.

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Automate lead enrichment

Lead enrichment is the data that gives your sales team more information about the prospect. This information can help your sales staff determine whether a prospect is qualified and how to approach them so that they have a higher chance of completing the purchase.

How BigCommerce businesses automate sales processes

Manage leads with CRM tools

CRMs are essential in any business. They enhance client satisfaction, which boosts conversion rates.

Every CRM product has a configurable dashboard where businesses may arrange certain widgets according to their requirements. A corporate leaderboard widget may be useful to a sales manager who wants to monitor the output and sales of their team. It may show the number of fresh leads, inbound and outgoing calls, fresh prospects, concluded sales, overall income, etc.

Employ еmail templates

Email templates give sales representatives a way to mix enhanced productivity with personalization. Reps will utilize tags or just fill in the blanks when customization is required, similar to marketing emails.

By using templates, salespeople may concentrate primarily on the aspects of email outreach efforts that require their attention, such as handling answers, as opposed to creating personalized emails for each prospect.

Automatic outreach and call recording

Your follow-up sequence may be planned and managed to best suit the prospect. A CEO, for instance, might need to follow up with a gatekeeper first. To avoid seeming too pushy, you might find it beneficial to space out your outreach on several channels.

Schedule calls automatically

The days of back-and-forth emails with prospects to arrange a suitable meeting time are long gone. Instead, there are several systems for organizing meetings, such Calendly, where clients may just select a time that works for them.

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Send your prospect the calendar link, and they will be sent to a website where they may select an acceptable day and time. Both events will instantly get calendar invites once they decide on a time.

How BigCommerce businesses automate sales processes

Automate proposal and document creation

Proposals are typically created extensively by sales representatives. To fill in the right information, they must copy and paste it from their emails, notes, or other sources. Perhaps precise terms that have been agreed upon need to be drafted.

A drag-and-drop capability is available in many proposal software, which helps you speed up the creation of lovely proposals. In addition, numerous of these platforms include analytics, including information on the bids’ opening and review times.

In Conclusion,

Understanding the importance of automating sales processes, such as customer order fulfillment, inventory control and pricing optimization, is essential for staying ahead of the competition. We hope these BigCommerce automate sales processes in this post are helpful for you!

Moreover, you’ll want to apply discounts for different categories during sales seasons. If you don’t have a lot of SKUs on hand, it won’t be as taxing on your resources as it would be if you did. These time-consuming steps may be eliminated with only one straightforward workflow on Atom8. Contact us today for more information!


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