Apply discounts on multiple products

Automatically change product price in categories on sales occasions by time trigger.


On sales seasons, you’ll want to apply discounts for specific categories. It won’t be exhausting if you have not so many SKUs in stock as if you do, it will consume you considerable resources. You can elimilate these time-consuming tasks just by one simple and easy-to-set-up workflow on Atom8.

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Trigger by time

A time trigger can be one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly. After choosing a trigger, you can select a scope to narrow down actions.

Product category include any of the following [criteria]

A condition to filter products you want to edit. The criteria can be any information about a product. For example, price, view, availability, category, etc.

Change product sale price

This action will change the sale price of all products filtered by pre-determined condition. Particularly, you can choose to apply discounts by percentage or money value, set fixed price, or bulk-remove all sale price.