How to Build an eCommerce Funnel for Maximum Conversion

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An eCommerce funnel is an effective way to measure and convert potential leads into long-term customers. As every store owner wants to attract as many customers as possible, the competition is getting fiercer than ever.

However, many might wrong when shoppers are hunting for online product information. At times, they don’t complete their orders. For example, you may get bounce when a visitor hits your website. Their connection might be interrupted by the time they reach your store because of internet failure or a sudden call. Whatever the situation might be, you risk losing the customer on the first visit. To avoid this, you can take them through your eCommerce conversion funnel.

What is an eCommerce conversion funnel?

An eCommerce conversion funnel illustrates routes customers take from when they become aware of the brand when they make a purchase. The conversion funnel involves various processes, including customer retention, cross-selling, upselling, and subscription-based models.

Four stages of Ecommerce Funnel

An eCommerce conversion funnel usually involves four stages. Each stage is determined by the customer’s perception of your product, brand, and competition in the market. Let’s briefly look at these eCommerce funnels.

the AIDA funnel model

Stage 1 – Awareness

Here, the consumers become aware of your brand and get familiar with your offer while looking for a solution to their problem. Most of the time, the awareness stage requires educational materials from your brand. You can use blog posts, video content, and other formats to build this process.

Stage 2 – Interest

Now you have created the hook using your educational content, you can’t let them escape without committing to you. You need to increase the educational and entertaining value of your content to maintain their interest. Share relevant content on your social media platforms and blogs to engage with your audience.

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Stage 3 – Desire

Once you have gotten their attention, you need to create a desire. Here, you talk about the benefits of your products instead of their features. In other words, you focus on the expected outcome of using your products.

Stage 4 – Action

The action part is where to close the sale. You want your potential customers to complete the buyer journey and make payment. In fact, a sale win of 2% would be good enough in the eCommerce market.

Furthermore, once they take action, they will have completed the eCommerce funnel. However, you still need to keep them close to reintroduce the process.

3 Steps to Build Ecommerce Funnel

You can follow these three steps to build an eCommerce conversion funnel to help identify what your customer wants. Let’s take a look at each of these steps.

Create customer journey

You can take advantage of Google Analytics to create customer journeys using different reports such as user flow. Here, you can figure out what people do on each page on your website. For instance, do they visit another page after the homepage? Where do you get most referrals from?

Define a lead

Once a visitor visits your website, they become a potential lead. If they leave their email, you need to nurture them through various strategies. What strategy will you use to transit them from awareness to the action phase? You should design content for each stage for your target audience.

Plan funnel stages to trigger conversion

Implementing the four stages of the eCommerce funnel comes in handy here. You have to create a plan to keep these customers using the eCommerce sales funnel.

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Build up your sales funnel

In conclusion, the eCommerce sales funnel is essential to build up a strong relationship with your customers. Tapping into their psychological state allows you to thoroughly understand their needs and apply relevant strategies. Start your sales funnel today to make a change in your conversion. 


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