How To Choose The Best BigCommerce Apps

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BigCommerce is among the most flexible eCommerce sites for growing businesses, and it’s now available on your smartphone. The best BigCommerce apps allow you to manage orders, display customer information, and access key performance indicators while on the go. 

Many application providers offer Big Commerce integrations for download and purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Microsoft Office Store or the Play Store. You can use freely choose the most suitable apps based on your requirements.

How to choose the best BigCommerce apps?

There are two types of apps based on the authentication method: single-click and connector. Single-click users use the OAuth Authorization Code Grant flow. Meanwhile, store owners must manually create and configure store API credentials for connector apps. 

The majority of the best BigCommerce apps begin with a small budget. This causes people to focus on “what can I get for free?” rather than “what is my budget?” Don’t get me wrong: there is some fantastic free software available. However, the primary consideration when selecting an app should always be “does it solve my problem while not adding to my workload?” Be truthful about yourself. How much are you willing to pay for increased efficiency, better usability, better reporting, or anything else you need? Setting a budget ahead of time helps make clear the amount of BigCommerce applications available to you. 

Finally, if a free app meets your needs just as well as a paid app, that’s fantastic! However, opting for a free app would almost always cost you more money and time in the long run.

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Consider one of my non-profit clients who uses a free features app. It seemed fantastic at first, but the data collected was purely useless. Every month, they had to export and import data into other systems, taking up a lot of time and resources. As a result, their consumer database became outdated, resulted in ineffective marketing and loss in sales.  

Factors to consider


Product reviews are generally helpful in evaluating the quality of software. The more positive feedback there is, the more likely it is that the app works effectively. This feedback is generated by users, thus providing more objective insights into the product. 

Some companies might use it as a marketing tool. For example, they might aggressively request reviews from customers whose experience is relatively good. However, this is rather good in the sense that you have more clues to decide on the platforms. 


First and foremost, it’s critical to recognize that the product overview, video, and screenshots available in the Bigcommerce app store are primarily marketing tools. Take a careful look at it but don’t be naive. They are just pieces of information designed to pique your interest in their product. Keep in mind that you’re not searching for a good marketer; you’re looking for a good developer.


Go straight to the help section after reading the description. The developer’s FAQ, website, phone number, privacy policy, email, and support address are mentioned in this section. Specifically, the FAQ is very beneficial in understanding a product you’ve never heard of. It might explain hidden functions, the difficulty of troubleshooting the app, and ensure that you can solve several problems independently.

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