How To Choose The Best Shopify App

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Using the software or add-on programs that offer additional features to Shopify websites is one of the keys to creating a good storefront. Store owners can customize their websites with the best Shopify app, drastically altering how they run their company and how their customers communicate with them. Fortunately, installing and uninstalling Shopify apps is no challenge at all. Since most apps have free trials, the financial risk is minimal.

The real danger is in the extra code that most Shopify apps add to the site’s theme. This varies from a single line of code to a complete theme overhaul. Even if the app is uninstalled, tiny bits of code might remain, potentially littering the theme with landmines.

For example, a bakery in Washington State installed a free app that displayed a pop-up alert if a customer comes back after a period of time. They uninstalled the pop-up after discovering they couldn’t schedule it. After being used to hundreds of early morning orders, they were surprised to see no online sales the following day. It took a day to figure out what was causing the problem. The uninstalled app had left a submit feature tied to the “Add to Cart” tab, which interfered with another app.

If not addressed properly, they might lose track of how their store is performing. Therefore, choosing the right app is really important. This article looks at the 3 most crucial aspects you should always keep in mind while making a decision.  


The vast majority of Shopify merchants begin with a small budget. Free software might seem like a great deal. Yet the primary consideration when selecting an app should always be “does it solve my problem while not adding to my workload?” 

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Be truthful about yourself. How much are you willing to pay for increased efficiency, better usability, better reporting, or anything else you need? Setting a budget ahead of time expands the amount of Shopify applications available. 

Finally, if a free app meets your needs just as well as a paid app, that’s fantastic! However, opting for a free app would almost always cost you more money and time in the long run.


First and foremost, it’s critical to recognize that the product overview, video, and screenshots available in the Shopify app store are marketing resources. They are just parts of the system designed to spark your interest in their product. Thus look at them carefully to understand the app but don’t be deceived. Keep in mind that you’re not searching for a good marketer; you’re looking for a good developer.


Product reviews can provide coherent and objective insight into the app features. The more feedback there is, the clearer it is. Reviews are also often used as a marketing tool, as people are more likely to believe recommendations from other people. A successful marketing team will aggressively request reviews, but that means they’re confident they’ll get positive feedback.


Go straight to the support section after reading the feedback. The developer’s FAQ, website, phone number, privacy policy, email, and support connection are mentioned in this section. FAQ is very helpful in understanding a product. It shows you hidden functions, the difficulty of troubleshooting the app and gives you confidence that you can solve several problems on your own.

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Final note

All in all, there are a lot of things to be considered before choosing the best Shopify app. You should make clear what you wish to get assistance and how much money you want to spend on it. Then, go to the Shopify app store & explore your choices.


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