How to use product reviews emails for your BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce Product Reviews Emails

Product reviews are a valuable source for businesses to improve their products and services and a trustworthy marketing strategy to attract more new customers. However, many businesses today face challenges getting reviews from their beloved customers. Our article today will give you a guideline for forming BigCommerce product reviews emails to ask for reviews from your customers.

How To Get Started With BigCommerce Product Reviews Emails

Choose A Tool

How to use product reviews emails for your BigCommerce Store

A normal email with text and template cannot catch customers’ attention and encourage them to give product reviews. Therefore, BigCommerce businesses should utilize an email template with specific styles and fill in the information logically and reasonably. There is a wide range of applications on the BigCommerce app marketplace that can provide various kinds of email templates that you can choose from or design from scratch. Moreover, you can utilize the available ones to customize your email templates and add your content to them. All you need to do is to find them and integrate them into your BigCommerce store.

Enrich Your Email List

How to use product reviews emails for your BigCommerce Store

There are several ways for you to collect customer emails. With ones who bought products from your stores, you can collect their emails via checkout information forms to ask for product reviews. It is much more difficult to have emails from customers who do not want to share their email addresses. Therefore, BigCommerce businesses should advertise and bring customers interesting programs to encourage them to leave emails for more information and further engagement. 

Classify Group Of Customers

How to use product reviews emails for your BigCommerce Store

To ask for product reviews, you need to segment customers according to their order values, number of items, etc. While customers who ordered in bulk may not be willing to give detailed product reviews, customers who bought only one or two products will have a specific experience and then give more accurate product reviews for your BigCommerce stores. Therefore, you should focus on asking for reviews on certain segments and give them clear incentives to share their experiences, such as discounts or free shipping for the next order. Rather than asking all the customers for product reviews, focusing on possible segments will give you better results with little time and effort.

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Set The Automation

How to use product reviews emails for your BigCommerce Store

Do you plan to send BigCommerce product review emails by hand? In this modern world, it is unnecessary to do so. On the BigCommerce marketplace, several tools help you automatically send BigCommerce product reviews emails, including Atom8. All you need to do is to utilize a pre-built workflow, integrate with an email marketing app such as Mailchimp and then send emails to each target segment. Atom8 can classify recipient groups, which helps BigCommerce businesses aim at suitable categories and send personalized emails.

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With our guidelines for sending BigCommerce product reviews emails, we hope you will no longer feel tired of asking for reviews from your beloved customers.


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