How to choose the best ERP integration for your Magento website?

magento erp integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is increasingly becoming an important part of improving the integration of data between different business processes. Moreover, many Magento customers use some form of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help power their businesses. For the uninitiated, ERP is business management software that comes in the form of integrated apps to help you manage all aspects of your business, including product planning and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. However, the thing is there is my ERP integration out there in the market, so this article will show you how to choose the best ERP integration for your Magento website.

How to Choose an ERP Solution?

Some factors to consider when selecting ERP software:

  • The size of your company
  • Your fulfillment operations
  • The accounting system you’re using now and your reasons for switching
  • The features of the ERP solution you plan to use and how you want to integrate them with Magento
  • Whether you have brick-and-mortar retail locations, electronic data interchange (EDI) sales or other wholesale operations, or manufacture anything

Top ERP Packages

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a solution for multi-site, international organizations that provides a comprehensive solution for financial, human resources, and operations management.

Not to mention, Magento Gold Solution Partner Perficient has connected a client’s front-end store to Microsoft Dynamics AX to automate the process of creating customer accounts and orders. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with the clients’ other order fulfillment systems utilizing XML file-based integration with the following touchpoints:

  • Catalog import into Magento
  • Export “customer create” function from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Import “customer update” function into Magento
  • Order export from Magento to AX
  • Order status update and edit import into Magento from AX
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The solution enables a quick re-ordering process, multiple breakpoints, streamlined delivery fulfillment, and integration with the company’s cloud-based financials and approval system. All in all, the result is a faster website, an easier ordering process, and an increase in online sales.


SAP’s ERP packages were designed to support large companies in addition to small- and medium-sized businesses across more than twenty industries. Additionally, there are a number of partners and merchants reaping the benefits of successful SAP-Magento integrations. In detail, the integration touchpoints include:

  • Customer import into Magento
  • Order export from Magento to SAP
  • Promotion pricing import into Magento
  • Best cart pricing import into Magento
  • Catalog import into Magento
  • Inventory import into Magento

Magento Gold Solution Partner Gorilla Group also integrates SAP’s ERP package into large organizations and discrete manufacturers to meet their B2B commerce needs. Real-time inventory and pricing calls—as well as invoice information—is provided in the front-end user experience with Magento.


As a cloud-based ERP solution for the mid-market, NetSuite provides clients with real-time data and reporting to enable more insightful, faster decision-making, and helps expedite the order-to-cash process. Businesses that use NetSuite along with the scalability and flexibility of Magento. This is because their eCommerce platform are well-positioned to dominate their market.

In addition, Magento ERP integration solution partner Rocket Web uses its open-source NetSuite Connector for Magento to allow clients to link Magento and NetSuite without the need for additional middleware. Rocket Web’s solution resides on a company’s web servers as an extension to its Magento storefronts. Particularly, here are highlights of the NetSuite extension:

  • Product data is managed in NetSuite to update in Magento
  • Customer and order data flows from Magento to NetSuite
  • Shipments in NetSuite are passed back to Magento
  • A Magento side queuing system ensures customers never have to wait for data to be accepted in NetSuite
  • Open source code gives in-house developers complete control over customizing the connector as the business evolves
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Online merchants across a broad range of industries (Red’s Gear, Lovesac, and Good360, to name a few) are reaping the benefits of integrating NetSuite with Magento to grow their businesses.


Above are some factors you should take into consideration as well as some top ERP Packages you can check out. To conclude, we hope that this article has been helpful enough to give you a deep understanding of choosing the best Magento ERP integration for your Magento website.


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