Managing an eCommerce Order Backlog


In this blog post, we’ll explore helpful strategies for managing an eCommerce order backlog so you can deliver goods and products on time even when the volume of sales spikes unexpectedly. Keep reading to learn more about critical processes that help maximize efficiency, creative solutions when traditional methods fall short, and tips from successful eCommerce stores already doing it right.

Why a supply chain’s inventory backlog is a positive thing

A backlog pattern may be seen negatively in some situations. Particularly when individuals feel “backlogged by their job,” this is true. They feel like they can’t get a break or are overburdened with personal commitments.

Managing an eCommerce Order Backlog

Similarly to this, supply chain management backlogs are frequently viewed negatively. This is so you don’t take orders you can’t fill since eCommerce order backlogs show you aren’t keeping up with fulfillment.

Backlogs, however, might be advantageous if you manage to maintain control over your order and fulfillment procedures. Even when you’re out of stock, well-managed inventory backlogs help retain consumers, build your brand’s reputation, and make money.

5 techniques to optimize your eCommerce order backlog management

A good inventory backlog balances keeping too many and too few order numbers on hold. You may enhance your backlog management by creating a contingency plan, diversifying your supplier portfolio, and improving your forecasting methodologies, among other things.

1. Create a backup plan

A contingency plan is designed to assist you in responding to unfavorable or unplanned occurrences. You may also keep the proper quantity of backlogged orders by creating a product procurement contingency plan. As a result, your income remains consistent without falling too far behind on fulfillment.

Managing an eCommerce Order Backlog

2. Expand your supplier portfolio

Consider broadening your supplier portfolio if your inventory backlog is caused by supply chain delays rather than increased consumer demand.

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In most cases, this procedure entails collaborating with backup suppliers of varying sizes and locations outside of your principal warehouse or fulfillment center.

Vendor diversification may provide various benefits for your brand, such as clearing your backlog faster and achieving cheaper fulfillment pricing.

3. Improve forecasting techniques

Keeping an eCommerce order backlog might assist improve the accuracy of your inventory forecasts. This is because reviewing your backlogs reveals high-value inventory information.

You may then utilize those insights to drive your operational strategy, such as how many units to reorder and when. In this manner, you may order enough inventory to meet any future demand.

4. Get a real-time picture of your inventory

Knowing where your inventory is and where it’s going is critical to the success of your business. Tools like Atom8 can send you live notifications of inventory changes, especially transactions suspected of fraud due to volume or domain. 

Managing an eCommerce Order Backlog

With tools like this, you’ll gain a front-row seat to how well your SKUs sell and how swiftly client orders are fulfilled if you prioritize inventory visibility.

5. Make better purchasing decisions

Because a backlog is a record of all unaddressed orders, it may assist you in placing wiser purchase orders with your suppliers.

It’s much easier to determine which things you need to refill when you can view your orders at a glance. Your purchase orders will be more accurate if you use this information. Furthermore, your production schedules will have a greater probability of succeeding.

In Conclusion,

Every eCommerce business faces periods of high demand and backlogged orders. It can be overwhelming to manage inventory and process orders quickly during peak times, but learning how to keep up is essential for sustaining growth in the long run. So we hope the techniques in this post get you some ideas for managing your eCommerce order backlog. If you need help sorting out your eCommerce issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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