Atom8 March Product Update – External Data Support

atom8 external data

Hello again, and welcome to our March Product Update. Our Grit Global team is thrilled to share the latest Atom8 – BigCommerce automation app update: the External Data support feature. This new feature empowers our users to quickly retrieve data from external applications and systems and seamlessly integrate it into their automation workflows, simplifying their […]

Segment customers on email marketing platforms

When a customer has just registered on your store, you’ll want to add this customer to email marketing platforms to a specific list or segment so that corresponding campaigns will be promoted to this new customer. After some time, you’ll want to migrate this customer to another segment for other campaigns. Atom8’s automated workflow can […]

Email customers after a quiet period of no orders

If customers do not create any orders in x days after their registration, send an email to the customer. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your new stocks or incentivize customers with promotions! Also, notify the customer service team to take care of those customers.

Generate Customer Info to a Spreadsheet after Customer Created

Imagine your store has a newly created customer; you will want to immediately generate that customer information to your Google Sheet spreadsheet and send a notification email to your internal team. Now, thanks to Google Sheet’s integration, Atom8 can automatically cover all these time-consuming tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving you a lot of time […]

Generate Order Info to a Spreadsheet after Order Placed

When your store has a new order, you will want to immediately record that order on a Google Sheet spreadsheet and send a Thank-you email to your customers. Now, thanks to Google Sheet’s integration, Atom8 can automatically cover all these time-consuming tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Instruction to Integrate BackOrder into Atom8

Perhaps the biggest fear of any merchant is to fail to serve the best of their customers, especially during the high season. You might be too busy with setting up the store and forget about your stock running out.  With Atom8’s BackOrder integration, you can keep track of your inventory and allow customers to pre-order […]

Assign a Product to BackOrder in Atom8

No retailer ever wants to fail their customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to best-selling items. However, there are times when the customer demands outweigh the number of inventory. To prevent customer loss, assign your product to BackOrder. This way, your visitor can still have it delivered in the future while giving your staff more […]

Assign Customer to the BackOrdered Group

Whoever places a back order and is willing to wait for your fulfillment will likely become your loyal customer. Don’t forget to pay special attention to them. Assign them to a group, so you don’t mistake them for another type of customer. Also, export their information in a spreadsheet you look into daily so you […]

Managing an eCommerce Order Backlog

In this blog post, we’ll explore helpful strategies for managing an eCommerce order backlog so you can deliver goods and products on time even when the volume of sales spikes unexpectedly. Keep reading to learn more about critical processes that help maximize efficiency, creative solutions when traditional methods fall short, and tips from successful eCommerce […]

Selling Without Stock: Is It Right for Your eCommerce Store?

Offering products without carrying physical stock can seem like a dream come true for an eCommerce store. If done correctly and in line with customer expectations, eCommerce stockless selling (sometimes known as drop shipping) could prove beneficial for your eCommerce store – read on to explore this topic further! What is the potential of eCommerce […]

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