Atom8 March Product Update – External Data Support

atom8 external data

Hello again, and welcome to our March Product Update. Our Grit Global team is thrilled to share the latest Atom8 – BigCommerce automation app update: the External Data support feature. This new feature empowers our users to quickly retrieve data from external applications and systems and seamlessly integrate it into their automation workflows, simplifying their eCommerce store processes.

With the External Data workflow feature, users can send HTTP requests to external systems, allowing them to retrieve data from various sources such as marketing analytics, shipping carriers, inventory management systems, and more. The retrieved data is added to the global data of the workflow, enabling its utilization within the workflow and automating tasks that previously required manual intervention.

External Data Use Cases

For example, suppose an eCommerce store owner wants to automate tracking shipments for their orders. In that case, they can use the External Data workflow feature to connect with their preferred shipping carrier’s API and retrieve real-time shipment status data. Stores can integrate the data into the order management workflow to update the order status and notify the customer of the shipment’s progress.

Another example is using the External Data workflow feature to retrieve data from a marketing analytics tool. With this, eCommerce store owners can retrieve valuable data such as website traffic, conversion rates, and customer behavior data, which can optimize their website’s performance and drive more sales. By integrating this data into their workflow, they can automate the process of analyzing data, creating targeted marketing campaigns, and generating reports, all of which can help them make better business decisions.

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Streamline Cross-App Integration

The External Data workflow feature is also helpful for eCommerce store owners who use inventory management systems. By integrating data from an external inventory management system, they can automate updating stock levels, generating purchase orders, and monitoring product availability. This can help streamline the ordering process, ensure that popular products are always in stock, and avoid overselling.

Atom8 External Data

In conclusion, the Atom8 External Data workflow feature is a powerful addition to Atom8’s automation capabilities, enabling eCommerce store owners to expand their automation capabilities quickly. By seamlessly integrating data from external sources, they can automate their processes, improve workflow efficiency, and make better business decisions. We are excited to hear from our users about their experiences with the External Data workflow feature and how it has helped them streamline their eCommerce store processes.

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