Private B2B Hack: A BigCommerce Product Hide Price

bigcommerce product hide price

BigCommerce, a prominent e-commerce platform, provides strong capabilities for businesses to install the BigCommerce product conceal price feature, which hides product pricing from particular client segments. This method is especially useful in B2B settings, where price frequently needs to be adjusted to specific clients or groups. In this article, Gritglobal delves into the notion of BigCommerce product hide price, explains its benefits, and offers ways for efficiently implementing this feature.

Overview of Bigcommerce Product Hide Price

BigCommerce is renowned for its versatility and extensive features designed to enhance the e-commerce experience for B2B and B2C businesses. One of the critical capabilities of BigCommerce is the ability to manage BigCommerce product hide price functionality. This feature allows businesses to hide product prices from specific customer segments, ensuring only authorized users can view pricing details.

Hiding product prices on BigCommerce can be accomplished through various methods, including utilizing built-in features, custom development, and third-party applications. By leveraging the BigCommerce product hide price feature to control price visibility, businesses can create a more personalized shopping experience for B2B customers, protect sensitive pricing information, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Bigcommerce Product Hide Price

Hiding product prices in a B2B e-commerce setup offers several strategic advantages using the BigCommerce product hide price feature:

Competitive Advantage

In highly competitive markets, displaying prices publicly can often lead to price wars and undercutting by competitors. By utilizing the BigCommerce product hide price feature to hide product prices, businesses can prevent competitors from quickly accessing their pricing information. This strategy allows companies to engage with potential clients directly and negotiate pricing based on the specific requirements and volume of the order, thereby maintaining a competitive edge.

Brand Perception

Hiding product prices can also enhance brand perception. When prices are not displayed, it can imply exclusivity and premium quality. Customers may perceive that the products are high-value and that pricing is customized to their needs, which can enhance the brand’s overall perception as a provider of tailored and premium solutions. Leveraging the BigCommerce product hide price feature can contribute to shaping this perception.

Customized Pricing

B2B transactions often involve complex pricing structures that can vary based on order volume, customer loyalty, and specific agreements. By using the BigCommerce product hide price feature to hide prices, businesses can offer customized quotes that reflect the unique terms of each transaction. This flexibility allows enterprises to accommodate different pricing models, such as tiered pricing, bulk discounts, and negotiated rates, ensuring that each customer receives a price tailored to their needs. Utilizing the “BigCommerce product hide price” functionality effectively enhances the ability to implement and manage such customized pricing strategies.

Bigcommerce Product Hide Price Strategies

Implementing effective strategies to manage product pricing visibility on BigCommerce is crucial for B2B businesses. Here are comprehensive strategies to hide product prices, leveraging the BigCommerce product hide price feature:

Utilize Built-In Features

BigCommerce provides several built-in features that offer straightforward solutions for hiding product prices:

  • Customer Groups: Utilize the customer groups feature to categorize different types of customers, such as wholesale buyers or VIP clients. Then, use the BigCommerce product hide price functionality to set specific pricing rules for each group, hiding prices from non-authorized users or displaying prices to different customer segments.
  • Login-to-View Pricing: Implement the BigCommerce product hide price feature to require customers to log in before they can view product prices. This ensures that only registered and approved B2B customers can access pricing information, enhancing security and exclusivity.
  • Catalog Visibility: Customize the visibility of entire product catalogs based on customer groups. With the BigCommerce product hide price feature, businesses can ensure that only customers can see and purchase specific products at set prices, tailoring the shopping experience to different segments.

Custom Development

For businesses with unique pricing visibility needs, custom development can provide tailored solutions:

  • Custom Templates: Develop custom templates that utilize conditional logic to display or hide prices based on user status or customer group. This approach allows for precise control over who can see prices and under what conditions, maximizing the effectiveness of the BigCommerce product hide price feature.
  • API Integration: Leverage the BigCommerce API to create dynamic pricing rules and visibility settings. This method integrates with other systems, such as CRM or ERP, to enforce pricing visibility rules across all customer touchpoints, optimizing the effectiveness of the BigCommerce product hide price feature.

Third-Party Apps

Explore third-party applications available in the BigCommerce marketplace to enhance pricing visibility management:

  • Atom8 B2B: This app offers robust features for managing B2B transactions, including dynamic pricing rules and role-based access control. Leveraging the BigCommerce product hide price functionality, businesses can hide prices for certain customer groups and create custom catalogs with specific pricing, enhancing the tailored shopping experience for B2B customers.
  • Locksmith: Locksmith is a versatile tool that can hide specific parts of your store from certain customer segments. Businesses can utilize Locksmith to lock down pricing information, ensuring that only authorized users can view it, thus optimizing the effectiveness of the BigCommerce product hide price feature.

Test and Iterate

Continuous testing and iteration are essential for refining pricing visibility strategies:

  • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B tests to evaluate different pricing visibility settings and determine their impact on conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This method allows you to gather data on user behavior, preferences, and reactions to price visibility.
  • Customer Feedback: Gather feedback from B2B customers to understand how pricing visibility affects their purchasing decisions and overall satisfaction. Use this insight to make adjustments and improvements to pricing visibility strategies.

Wrap up

Hiding product prices in a B2B e-commerce environment can offer significant benefits, including maintaining a competitive edge, enhancing brand perception, and providing customized pricing. BigCommerce offers a range of tools and features that make it easy to implement this strategy, from built-in settings to custom development and third-party apps. For businesses looking to optimize their B2B e-commerce operations, hiding product prices on BigCommerce can be a powerful tactic. If you need assistance setting up or optimizing product pricing visibility in your BigCommerce store, please contact us.


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