The Ultimate Guide: Selling wholesale on Magento.

selling wholesale

Getting started with Magento to be a wholesaler is quite challenging as Magento is not an easy-to-use platform. Therefore, the wholesalers may need particular support from experts to build and sell on Magento. Today, our article will bring a detailed guide for Magento merchants to prepare for selling wholesale on Magento. 

How To Sell Wholesale On Magento

Choose The Editions And Develop Your Site

Magento provides users with three different plans for different purposes and budgets, so the wholesalers should consider the most suitable edition for their business. While the open-source edition offers basic features and functions for selling activities, Magento Commerce and Commerce Cloud plans to bring a wide range of features and powerful functions to support the merchants during the operation. The Magento merchants also need to charge following their selling revenues; the more revenues you earn, the more fee you need to pay for Magento Commerce and Commerce Cloud. If you are a beginner and start with a tight budget, it would be better to choose Magento Open-source. If your business is considered profitable and can be expanded shortly, it should be run on two other editions.

Activate Access Restriction

Like other wholesaling Magento stores, you should enable access restrictions to create different shopping spaces for B2B and B2C customers. You need to do so because each customer type requires various features and policies to have the expected shopping experience. For example, while the B2C customers want to see the public price, the B2B wants to send secret quote requests. The Magento merchants should control and manage customers’ accounts when they log in and then transfer them directly to the B2B  or B2C sites. To acquire more features and serve customers more effectively, the Grit Global B2B Platform for better wholesaling might be a solid solution.

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Add Products

The next step is adding your products. You may need to pay more attention to the product description, focusing on the main features instead of presenting long paragraphs of detailed information. The practical description can easily catch customers’ attention and help them quickly choose their most suitable items.

Set Payment Gate

A variety of payment methods can effectively enhance customers’ shopping experience and minimize cart abandonment. Magento provides various payment gates, and you only need to add them to your stores. Also, you should shorten the payment process via some approaches like saving customer information for last orders, only requiring necessary information, conducting one-page checkout, etc., to increase the rate of successful orders. 

Choose Product Configurable

The wholesale customers usually demand buying in packs and bulk, so the Magento merchants should have suitable product configurable approaches. The customers can order in packs based on the package’s information, including SKU, size scale, prices per pack, and items. Instead of clicking many times on the plus on minus button to adjust the quantity, the Magento merchants should allow customers to choose and type the quantity directly. The site should present enough information about their orders such as product quality and order amount.


We hope you are now ready to start selling wholesale from what we have given out. If you want to know more, Gritglobal B2B provides excellent customers service for better scalable, stable, and secured B2B experiences.

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