2023 shipping trends and how eCommerce merchants can survive

shipping trends

It’s no secret that the supply chain industry is constantly evolving and changing. To remain competitive, merchants need to stay up-to-date with the leading logistic and shipping trends to help prepare an effective strategy. For merchants, 2023 can be the best year yet with an effective shipping strategy. Though Covid-19 may have caused supply chain disruptions, delivery times are expected to normalize towards pre-pandemic times. In fact, the average order volume per merchant increased by 50% from our findings, meaning the pandemic helped drive eCommerce sales. This article will provide an extensive report based on data Easyship analyzed from shipping transaction data to give you insights about shipping trends the new year.

Shipping Costs Will Climb

In 2023, we predict that shipping costs will increase. This trend is because of tighter Covid-19 restrictions in Hong Kong and China. Additionally, charges levied on delayed cargo, containers, cargo vessels, and aircraft that are unable to move due to personnel shortages at ports and cross-border points of entry attribute to the increase in shipping costs.

The increase in shipping costs bolstered the need for affordable shipping options from domestic and international couriers. Luckily, Easyship saves merchants up to 89% off discounted shipping rates for 250+ couriers.

In this section, we’ll focus more on multi-courier solutions and the cheapest cross-border solutions, so merchants can still save big on shipping costs despite rising retail shipping rates.

Delivery Times Are Normalizing

In 2023, delivery lead time (DLT) is expected to normalize. Supply chains have been disrupted because of the ongoing pandemic and other geopolitical events such as shipping container shortages, port congestion, and labor shortages. Luckily, shipping congestion should become less of a problem in 2023 because of increased shipping capacity.

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Reliable deliveries are essential to the success of your eCommerce business. In fact, 46% of consumers ranked reliability as one of the top attributes when purchasing online. To avoid unhappy customers, merchants need to develop strategies to curb delivery delays while meeting customer expectations.

Some best practices to curb delivery issues and promote reliable delivery times:

  • Communicate and provide clear shipping policies, so there aren’t any hidden surprises for your customers
  • Offer package tracking to give your customers peace of mind about their shipment
  • Pay a premium for express shipping solutions if your customers expect expedited shipping
  • Provide shipping insurance, especially high-value items

Customers Are Expecting Elevated Post-Purchase Experience

The post-purchase experience is an integral part of the eCommerce space. In 2023, customers are expecting an elevated post-purchase experience. Ways to enhancer the customer experience are:

  • Personalized delivery experience
  • Worldwide tracking
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Premium shipping insurance

Fifty-eight percent of consumers won’t make a future purchase because of a poor post-purchase experience. This fact means that eCommerce merchants need to prioritize the customer experience.

Easyship offers up to $10,000 shipping insurance for all your domestic or international shipments, and we provide replay claims within seven days. Plus, our Branding Suite helps eCommerce businesses create a delivery experience consistent with your brand.

Commerce is Borderless

Cross-border commerce enables new levels of success for eCommerce businesses. Successful merchants used 2021 to expand the customer base in new global markets and reap the benefits of growing their scope.

Not including the top eCommerce markets, eCommerce buyers in 2021 were from the following countries:

  • Singapore (1%)
  • The United Kingdom (1%)
  • Brazil (1%)
  • Hong Kong (1%)
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Overall, merchants should use the above information to gain insight into new global markets to enter. This section will continue to highlight how cross-border commerce enables international success.


By now, you should be well-equipped to take on the trends of shipping and logistics like a pro in 2023. Shipping and logistics don’t have to be stressful, but we hope that you know all the ins and outs of the industry with this guide.

Small and medium-sized businesses will continue to gain more momentum in 2023. However, today more than ever, merchants have access to valuable shipping tools and affordable shipping options to enable eCommerce success.  


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