Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2023

conversion rate optimization strategies

Most BigCommerce owners spend a lot of time finding powerful approaches for conversion rate optimization strategies. There are various methods to boost this rate, but there are some key points you need to pay attention to. Our article today will show you some possible ideas for a better BigCommerce store conversion rate.

5 Effective Optimization Strategies That BigCommerce Owners Should Use

Take Advantage Of Social proof and FOMO

Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2022

Many marketers take advantage of the FOMO phenomenon to affect and stroke customers’ buying decisions. As the customers can fear missing something that can bring better benefits for their life experience or promotions with one-time usage, the markets should focus on promoting the uniqueness to optimize conversion rate. Moreover, the business should display the number of stocks left on the website to encourage the customers to place orders quickly. 

Social proof is a contributory factor in conversion rate optimization strategies. The businesses may face difficulties building trust, especially for the new customers, so they need to take advantage of social proof. The KOLs and influencers can affect customer behaviors, preferences, and judgments of our products, so they are a crucial part of your marketing plan. The e-commerce websites must display positive customer feedback on the product page to convince customers strongly.

Utilize lead capture forms

Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2022

A lead capture form is also a powerful tool for conversion rate optimization strategies. This is a decisive stage to classify your final customers from the non-lead ones. Therefore, you can develop suitable approaches that focus on serving and improving your customers’ experience rather than targeting all the audiences.

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Do Video Marketing

Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2022

Video marketing has proven its power in communicating with customers. Video marketing can deliver useful information and interactive content with lively animation and ear-catching sounds. Displaying video marketing on the landing and home pages will catch customers’ attention at a glance and make customers curious about our products. Then, they are willing to go to our product page and place orders. Moreover, don’t forget to put on the video button to direct the customer to specific products in one second directly.

Minimize Customer Churn Rate

Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2022

Ecommerce websites that lack engagement will receive high bounce and exit rates and customer churn rates. To enhance web engagement on your BigCommerce store, we need to take advantage of useful features like product recommendations, advertising, and virtual assistants to communicate with customers during their journeys. Businesses also need to optimize their mobile interface so the customers can enjoy mobile shopping with full engagement.

Enhance User Experience

Top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies for BigCommerce owners in 2022

User experience improvement closely links to how you understand your customers. Businesses must grab customer insights through analytic tools and selling records and add necessary features to BigCommerce stores. Moreover, understanding the customer’s preference also contributed to useful product recommendations, effective marketing plans, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Conversion rate optimization strategies are always one of the most priority of the BigCommerce store owners. From our suggested approaches, we hope you can get some useful ideas to improve your store conversion rate without any obstacles.

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