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hide product pages in bigcommerce

For B2B businesses utilizing the BigCommerce platform, one such solution is the ability to hide product pages selectively. In this article, Gritglobal will discuss the benefits of hiding product pages, offers a step-by-step implementation guide, and explores its strategic advantages to B2B businesses looking to hide product pages in BigCommerce.

Overview of Hide Product Pages in BigCommerce

Hide product pages in BigCommerce allows businesses to manage product visibility effectively. This functionality will enable merchants to hide certain product pages from public view, ensuring that only specific customer segments or authorized users can access them. This feature allows businesses to tailor their product offerings to different customer groups, create exclusive promotions, and maintain control over their catalog’s presentation.

The hide product pages feature in BigCommerce offers flexibility and customization options, enabling businesses to implement complex pricing strategies, restrict access to specific products, or promote limited-time offers to targeted audiences. This capability is precious for B2B businesses, where personalized pricing, exclusive deals, and restricted access to specific products are standard practices.

Benefits of Hiding Product Pages in BigCommerce

Hiding product pages in BigCommerce offers a range of strategic advantages for B2B businesses leveraging the platform:

  1. Selective Access:
    • By utilizing the feature to hide product pages in BigCommerce, businesses can provide exclusive access to specific products or pricing tiers for select customers.
    • This selective access enhances the perceived value of the offerings and fosters a sense of exclusivity among targeted customer segments.
    • With the ability to control which products are visible to different customer groups, businesses can tailor their offerings to match each segment’s preferences and purchasing behaviors.
  2. Strategic Marketing:
    • Hide product pages in BigCommerce enables businesses to market their products strategically.
    • By selectively showcasing certain products to specific customer groups, companies can tailor their marketing efforts and highlight offerings that align with each segment’s unique needs and preferences.
    • This targeted approach to product visibility allows companies to optimize their marketing strategies, increase relevance, and drive engagement and conversions.
  3. Flexible Sales Process:
    • The ability to hide product pages in BigCommerce offers flexibility in the sales process.
    • Businesses can customize product visibility based on customer type, geographic location, or promotional campaigns.
    • This flexibility allows for a dynamic sales approach, where companies can strategically promote specific products or categories to different customer segments.
    • Whether showcasing seasonal offerings, promoting exclusive deals, or targeting particular geographic markets, hiding product pages in BigCommerce enables businesses to adapt their sales strategies to meet evolving market demands.
    • By tailoring product visibility to match the preferences and needs of different customer segments, companies can optimize conversions, drive revenue growth, and enhance overall sales performance.
  4. Improved User Experience:
    • Hide product pages in BigCommerce contributes to an enhanced user experience by presenting customers with a curated selection of products tailored to their interests and needs. 
    • By reducing clutter and focusing on relevant offerings, businesses can streamline the browsing experience, making it easier for customers to find what they want.
  5. Enhanced Brand Perception:
    • The selective nature of hiding product pages in BigCommerce enhances brand perception by conveying a sense of exclusivity and premium quality. 
    • Customers may perceive the offerings as high-value and tailored to their needs, strengthening their perception of the brand as a provider of personalized solutions.
  6. Increased Conversion Rates:
    • By strategically showcasing select products to targeted customer segments, businesses can increase the relevance of their offerings, leading to higher conversion rates.
    • Encouraging customers to explore hidden products can increase the likelihood of purchasing, ultimately driving conversion rates and boosting sales.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide to Hide Product Pages in Bigcommerce

Implementing the feature to hide product pages in BigCommerce is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your B2B e-commerce operations. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Adjusting Product Visibility Settings:
    • Log in to your BigCommerce admin dashboard.
    • Navigate to the “Products” section and select the product you want to hide or adjust visibility settings.
    • Within the product settings, locate the visibility options.
    • Choose to hide the product from specific customer groups or set up conditional visibility rules based on customer type, purchase history, or membership level.
    • Save your changes to apply the new visibility settings.
  2. Customizing Themes for Hidden Product Pages:
    • Access the “Design” or “Theme” section of your BigCommerce admin dashboard.
    • Choose the theme you want to customize and enter the theme editor.
    • Navigate to the relevant template files that control the display of product pages, such as the product detail page or category pages.
    • Modify the template files to ensure a seamless user experience for hidden product pages. You may need to remove product thumbnails, pricing information, or “Add to Cart” buttons for hidden products.
    • Use CSS customization to hide any remaining elements associated with hidden products, maintaining a cohesive and professional appearance across your e-commerce store.
    • Preview your changes to ensure that hidden products are discreetly hidden from view while maintaining your online store’s overall aesthetics and functionality.
    • Save your changes and publish your customized theme to make it live on your BigCommerce store.
  3. Using External Applications:
    • Explore third-party applications available in the BigCommerce marketplace to enhance the functionality of hidden product pages.
    • They installed and configured applications like Atom8 B2B to add advanced features for managing product visibility and access control.
    • With these applications, you can implement more sophisticated visibility rules and access controls, such as creating custom catalogs, setting up role-based access controls, or implementing dynamic pricing strategies.
    • Configure the external applications to align with your business requirements and integrate seamlessly with your BigCommerce store.
    • Test the functionality of the external applications to ensure that hidden product pages are effectively managed and displayed according to your desired settings.

Wrap up

In conclusion, the ability to hide product pages in BigCommerce provides numerous strategic advantages for B2B businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and drive sales. As B2B e-commerce continues to evolve, leveraging the feature to hide product pages in BigCommerce will become increasingly crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive and maximize their online sales potential. For further assistance or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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