How To Tag Customers On Klaviyo By Atom8?

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Shopify provides hosting services for more than 218 million users worldwide. The platform comes with numerous useful features. Merchants are also free to choose one or several third-party plug-ins to assist their business. When it comes to email marketing, one of the most commonly used apps on Shopify is Klaviyo, which can now be integrated with Atom8 Automation to tag customers and trigger campaigns more quickly. 

Automated marketing can drive a 70% higher open rate and 152% higher click-through than generic email newsletters. That’s why the Atom8 – Klaviyo combination is so important for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. 

Atom8 – Klaviyo integration 

To be able to use information directly from Shopify, you need to integrate Klaviyo into Atom8 Automation. This helps pull customer data from your store to the email marketing platform immediately without constant downloading and uploading. It also increases the accuracy of your database. Store owners often copy and paste hundreds to thousands of data points at a time. This large number makes it more prone to error, especially when the person is tired or in a hurry. 

Fortunately, it is very easy to incorporate these apps together as long as you already have them installed in the Shopify store. Once successfully integrated, your Atom8 dashboard should look like this:

atom8 integration dashboard

Auto-tag customer on Klaviyo 

When a customer creates an account or updates their information, you want to adjust your database right away to avoid mistakes in the future. Suppose that you’re selling internationally and you want to distinguish customers at a country level for nationwide advertising campaigns. It is frustrating to label each individual manually. A better option would be to create a workflow that allows Atom8 to automatically tag customers on Klaviyo. Then every time you start an email marketing campaign, you don’t need to import customer information from the web store anymore. Note that you need to have customer consent to be able to send them marketing emails. 

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That being said, the logic of this workflow would be as followed: 

TRIGGER: When customers created

CONDITION: If the country code is equal to 01 AND If accept marketing is equal to True. 

This requires meeting both conditions for the workflow to proceed. 

ACTION: Add customer to Klaviyo list: US customers. 

You can create a list on Klaviyo in advance. Or you can type in the name and select the New list on Atom8. 

atom8 workflow to tag customers on klaviyoFinal note

Automating a work process saves your time and allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business such as meeting customers, writing advertising content, researching new products, etc. It is particularly useful in email marketing, where you often have to fill in a lot of information to create a personalized message. 

With Klaviyo integration in Atom8 Automation, Shopify merchants can centralize their management for maximum efficiency. Install the app today and enjoy your work!

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