The beneficial relationship of drop shipping and eCommerce automation

drop shipping and ecommerce

Drop shipping and eCommerce automation are two key terms in this modern eCommerce world. The wide adoption of both is due to their advantages in helping businesses attain their expected selling target. Moreover, both of them can bring huge operational benefits to your stores. Our article today will figure out what businesses will get with drop shipping and eCommerce automation.

Concurrent Advantages When Adopting Both Drop Shipping And eCommerce Automation

Faster Order Fulfilment

Every day, eCommerce businesses handle thousands of orders and they need to avoid delays and mistakes as many as possible. Therefore, automation and drop shipping can ensure on-scheduled delivery and order fulfillment for better customer satisfaction. Automation such as Atom8 categorizes orders into different tags (based on specific settings) and then proceeds with order fulfillment. Next, automation applications are able to contact related suppliers or vendors to send order information and keep track of the processing from suppliers to end customers. Drop shipping allows stores to provide transparent delivery status to customers, so they will no longer have concerns about their shipments.

Better Visibility

The mutual beneficial relationship between drop shipping and ecommerce automation

The development of automation and drop shipping has increased customers’ expectations of order tracking. Customers want to know where their shipments are and when they will receive them. Drop shipping may reduce the visibility of orders since other parties proceed with the fulfillment. Fortunately, the adoption of automation can connect third parties with purchasers to provide order updates via email or real-time notification. This approach reduces the complexity of communication. In turn, your store will no longer be a middleman to handle order status updating tasks.

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eCommerce automation also plays a critical part in inventory management for drop shipping businesses. In fact, that software can take control of the stock status of suppliers and your store warehouses, then sync both of them and generate accurate stock levels to display on product pages. Therefore, customers can check whether their favored items are available and purchase when they are nearly running out of stock.

More Flexible System

The mutual beneficial relationship between drop shipping and ecommerce automation

You may work with several vendors who supply different product lines for your eCommerce stores, and each supplier will require a specific order information format. It could be really challenging if you do this task by hand but eCommerce automation can put your fear at ease. Automation can automatically send orders to vendors with their required format based on your pre-set workflows, so eCommerce stores can flexibly deal with a large number of suppliers.

Firmer Vendor Relationship

The mutual beneficial relationship between drop shipping and ecommerce automation

To ensure business stability and selling efficiency, keeping a strong relationship with vendors is truly crucial. As we mentioned, eCommerce automation can help you meet all vendors’ needs and give more responsive processes for communication. Consequently, you can work smoothly, get better performance and even boost revenues, thus maintaining long-term vendor relationships.

Simple Return Processes

The mutual beneficial relationship between drop shipping and ecommerce automation

Return is an unexpected process when selling online, but you still need to plan for it. Dropshipping and eCommerce automation expedite return processes, as all parties can receive the notification and take action at the same time. The synced stock status will automatically update and all needed documents will be sent to suppliers.

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Drop shipping and eCommerce automation can be considered powerful to any eCommerce business. If you need more solutions to apply automation to your dropshipping model, contact GritGlobal to get great advice.


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