5 reasons to choose Shopify in 2021

why Shopify

Planning to open an online store? An eCommerce platform is a software solution managing your website, offering the options of managing operations, marketing, and sales. Get clear about what you want your site to look like, function, and what your customers expect to function. Most will test the water for two weeks and encourage you to get to know the features and usability of the platform.

Shopify is offering a 14-day free trial, which is the right amount of time you need to test all basic operations. The platform is being used by businesses in over 175 countries.

Let’s go deeper into the reasons you should choose Shopify for your eCommerce business.

Ease of Use

Shopify allows creating an online store with ease. There are no hosting services or software installations required and no coding headache. It provides an array of themes for the end-user and can be customized easily in line with maintaining brand identity. The themes are crucial in building a site, to provide a stellar experience to customers, feel and look fantastic, and build trust with customers.

Hence, the usability of Shopify ensures understanding own store, generating a brilliant brand reputation, and ensuring the customer journey is seamless.

Payment Gateway Compatibility

Why Shopify? Shopify is much ahead in offering payment gateway compatibility. The list of Shopify for payments is more than 100 gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and PayMill. There are no issues for the customers to pay using the payment gateway.

With the increase in mobile device shopping, the eCommerce of Shopify works smoothly on a Smartphone. The loading of the page is fast and so the website performance is satisfactory. It is mobile responsive and you can buy it from the phone. You can operate from your phone and also pay conveniently from anywhere. Ensure the internet speed is fast.

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All Round Adaptation

The coronavirus impact in the past year was nothing but unrecognizable and unbelievable. It will continue with the retail industry until merchants roll with punches or adapt to changing landscape rapidly. With Shopify, the cost is relatively low and there is transparent pricing.

The all-around solution answers why Shopify. Since it is very useful for retailers, allowing them to hold the competitive edge and also to adapt, staying flexible to survive.

No tech worries

There is no need to worry if you do not have technical expertise; Shopify provides you all hosting and software. It makes the process easier to run, and the hosting of Shopify will be more secure and faster. It also accommodates traffic spikes. Shopify takes care of the updates on software. You can focus on selling without the worry of technical expertise or issues.

There are thousands of integrations, ease of use, and allows selling across multiple channels. You can find a wide range of Shopify apps such as sales, marketing, inventory management, customer support, etc. Not to mention it is even possible to create a fully automated store with workflow automation apps.

Secure & reliable

Shopify allows dealing with sensitive information including impatient customers and credit card details. It means the site must be secure, online, and fast. The advantage is the reliability of this hosted solution.

Shopify takes care of the server upgrades and maintenance to keep the shopping cart and the store available always, and the page loading is faster. It has SSL certificates to enable your eCommerce store to have data encrypt and to enjoy a secure connection. Shopify takes care of you by offering PCI Compliance that dealing with credit cards is easy.

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