5 super simple steps to get started with BigCommerce workflow automation

workflow automation 5 steps

Implementing workflow automation software could make a big difference to your productivity and, as a result, your bottom line. How should you go about integrating workflow automation into your business in 5 steps? It’s easier than you may think.

Identify repetitive tasks

We’ve talked at length about the types of business processes you can streamline via automation. Your first step towards BigCommerce workflow automation in your company is to identify those most applicable to you.

Take a step back and look at current operations. Find bottlenecks in your daily workflows that are damaging your productivity. They’re the issues you’ll want to iron out by introducing the correct automation solution. 

Define business goals

Once you’ve identified the weak points of your operations, you can think about how you can improve them. Consider the degree to which you want to improve efficiency, and the subsequent effects that may have.

For example, if you found that staff were wasting time manually picking stock for orders, your goal might be to dispatch 20% more orders per day by automating your inventory or warehouse management.

Select the right workflow automation solution

With a goal in mind, you know what to look for in a BigCommerce workflow automation solution. To expand the above example, for instance, you’ll be looking for software focused on managing stock, order fulfillment, and other logistics.

You can then start intelligently analyzing and comparing your options. Check out the features and functions of the different automation tools on the market. Also, look for testimonials or examples of existing use cases for any software. That way, you’ll be sure to choose the ideal solution for your business.

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Automation will not be a problem if you have Atom8.  It helps to relieve all of your burdens by automating your process, and getting rid of time-wasting tasks like sending email, and managing tasks. Give it a try and you will see the difference.

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Train the user

Even the best tech solutions are less effective if end users don’t know how to get the most out of them. Once you’ve selected the software you’re going to use, invest time, effort, and finance into training your workers to use it.

Some owners or decision-makers skimp in this area. They learn new software themselves and then try to teach their team as they go along. That’s asking for trouble. Train everyone at your firm who’ll be using a new solution at the outset. It’s the only way to ensure that the tool gets used to its utmost.  

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Nothing in business is static. When you introduce a new automation tool you can’t simply forget about it and move on to other things. Test and assess the impact the solution is having. Have the changes to your business processes helped you achieve your stated goals?

If the answer’s no, try to find out why. There may be something simple you can do to rectify any issues. You might find, for instance, that staff aren’t using the software correctly. Alternatively, you might learn that you can add or activate a different function of the tool to make it more effective.


Streamlining and automating workflows aid both efficiency and productivity. Software, bots, and other technology can complete mundane tasks far more quickly than humans. They also won’t make the kinds of small errors that can snowball into significant problems.

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When those jobs get automated, your workers can spend their valuable time elsewhere. They can complete tasks that demand human intelligence and attention. The above 5 steps for BigCommerce workflow automation give a taste of the ways you can unlock the full potential of your firm.


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