Top 3 eCommerce workflow automation software for enterprises

enterprise workflow automation software

Nowadays, expanding automation is a popular trend of businesses. One of the most common and effective approaches to go automation is utilizing workflow automation software. There are various workflow automation solutions for businesses on the market, so the business runners usually find it difficult to choose the best-fitted one for their business operation. Therefore, we are here to recommend to you the 3 most powerful workflow automation software for enterprises which can strengthen your businesses.

3 Enterprise Workflow Automation Software You Should Never Miss


The first option that we would like to introduce to you is Atom8. This app is really popular with BigCommerce and Shopify merchants; as it can automate their business tasks effortlessly with a huge resource of workflow templates. You can completely adapt all the templates to your operation or try to customize them to fit your business needs. Atom8 can help eCommerce merchants to monitor business tasks, streamline processes and export data to support customer-facing applications, including Mailchimp, Klavyo, and so on. With the content management tasks, this app can automatically hide or publish your posts and products as you scheduled. 

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The business may need to group its customers into suitable segments, and Atom8 will support classification; based on customer behaviors, demographics, purchase history and so on. If you serve various segments, Atom8 can automatically change the prices, purchasability and visibility to adjust the site interface to fit each customer. Your order management tasks will also be improved with the auto-tag orders and real-time notification for the team members. 

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Furthermore, Atom8 possesses a powerful integration ability with popular apps so the staff can stay focused on one place and do various things. Some popular apps that can connect with Atom8 include Mailchimp, Google Sheet, Trello, Klaviyo and so on.


Kissflow is a supportive tool for your business operation; which can streamline and visualize your processes to help you manage and control the tasks strictly. This app can report and analyze your selling performance, figure out insights and find ways to optimize the processes. You can actively customize your workflow to stick to your business needs in seconds. This app follows Agile approaches; including dynamically assigning tasks to people in charge based on SOPs, developing tasks immediately and launching smoothly. Kissflow is also considered as a powerful app; as it can integrate with other software to ensure your staff can have enough tools to process without jumping among various sites.

Moreover, it can strengthen your business communication and create a collaborative workplace by accessing data, connecting staff from different locations and real-time notification to work together.

If you want to possess workflow automation software that can enhance your workplace collaboration and task management, will be a suitable choice for you. Thus, all your staff can stay focused on this software and run your business tasks with appropriate integrated working tools. If you can not find the most fitted workflow for your business ideas, you can customize them in minutes. Sometimes, your workload is extreme and the team members can not decide which task should be done first; don’t worry because can help you by prioritizing tasks and balancing demands in accordance with your current resources status.

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Are you ready to upgrade your operation with our recommended eCommerce workflow automation software for enterprises? Also, we hope you can have your own desirable app from our list and you are willing to make a change!


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