User Guide

Installation Process #

Start your journey with QuikCommerce through several clicks as below:

  1. Go to BigCommerce Marketplace and search for QuikCommerce. Find “QuikCommerce” app and click for more details.
  2. Click on “Get this App” button to open the Installation page
  3. Click on “Install” button.
  4. Click on “Confirm” button on the Confirmation page.

Done! Your app is installed on BigCommerce Store

Sign up #

When installing app, you can be redirected to the landing page. You need to Sign up to create your account and space for your own store in QuikCommerce. 

Step 1: Click “Sign” in in the landing page

Step 2: As you are a new merchant, click “Sign up” to start sign up. 

Step 3: In Sign up form, fill in all required field. If there is any error, follow the message to edit your value. Then, click “Send code”.

Step 4: Copy the code that the system send to your email and paste to the Sign up form. 

Step 5: Check the box “Accept terms of use” and click “Sign up”. 

Step 6: When your account has been created, click “Sign in” to sign in. 

Sign in #

You can sign in by using password or verification code. 

Sign in using password 

Step1: Choose tab Password

Step 2: Input your email and password

Step 3: Click “Auto sign in” if you want QuikCommerce to remember your loggin session in this device. 

Step 4: Click “Sign in” 

Sign in using verification code

Step 1: Enter your email address

Step 2: Click “Send code” and input the code sent to your email. 

Step 3: Click “Sign in”

Forgot password #

When you forgot your password, click “Forgot password” in Sign in form and follow the step: 

Step 1: Enter your email address in first step

Step 2: Click “Next step”, then click “Send code”. Enter the code that has been sent to your email and click “Next step”

Step 3: Input and re-enter your password. Then, click “Change password”. 

Create new space  #

After you have logged in, our home page will show up again. To create new space:

Step 1: Click “Go to space list” 

Step 2: In the space list, click “Add”.

Step 3: In the pop-up, input Space name 

and domain, then click “Create”. 

Step 4: Sign in to QuikCommerce again in the next screen.

Step 5: Wait for a while. Since you have connected to QuikCommerce successfully, click “Visit new space”. Your new space will be opened in the new tab. 

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