Ultralight Outdoor Gear: Reaching New Heights with Atom8

[With Atom8,] we were able to integrate with Google Sheets and Slack to give notifications of when new products had been booked by the warehouse staff. This means the Web Team could make them live very quickly.



Ultralight Outdoor Gear - Retail Is No Walk In The Park

Ultralight Outdoor Gear is more than a store for outdoor gear and equipment. Founded by an experienced backpacker in 2006, UOG now has a team of highly knowledgeable outdoor professionals hand-picking and reviewing the best quality products for their customers. Few stores are dedicated to bringing excellent products and service, and fewer go the extra length to ensure their buyer’s experience is the best they can be.

When the UOG team recognized that some of their customers were having trouble discerning out-of-stock items with available items, Alex Nicholson – Core Operations Manager, came to the rescue.

We are a retailer of Outdoor Equipment & Clothing. Everything you need to go camping, hiking, trekking, and exploring. We value high-quality products and give the best advice so that our customers get the right items for their needs

Initially, Alex and his team installed Atom8 – BigCommerce Automation to solve a straightforward problem. Out-of-stock items were always shown on the shopping page, complicating the customer’s search for their perfect outdoor gear. Alex wanted a tool that could automatically hide out-of-stock items AND display them back on the store once they have been restocked. With one simple workflow and a few minutes of setup, Alex quickly accomplished this with Atom8.

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We had just moved to the Bigcommerce platform and we lost the ability to easily hide and unhide products that were coming in and out of stock. We were also doing repetitive tasks on a day-to-day basis... [Atom8] helps us save many hours. It's hard to count.

Atom8 Exceeding Expectations

After saving countless hours with one automation workflow, the UOG team quickly realized Atom8’s potential in shaving hours off their busy schedule. With Atom8’s integrations to Google Sheets and Slack, UOG now has access to instant notifications for all persons of interest. Implementing Atom8’s integration, UOG’s internal communication is now more effective and faster than ever.

We were able to integrate with Google Sheets and Slack to give notifications of when new products had been booked by the warehouse staff.
This means the Web Team could make them live very quickly.

Every millisecond counts when you’re conquering the great outdoors. The same goes for running a successful business. Alex and the UOG team can continue to deliver high-quality gear to customers without any hiccups, thanks to Atom8’s flexible and effective automation.

3 Apps, 1 Platform

UOG managed to stop juggling applications to focus on reaching new peaks with Atom8 integrations.

∞ Hours Saved

Once you've lost count of the hours you're saving thanks to one automation, you know you're doing something right.

Atom8 and Ultralight Outdoor Gear - Achieving Success with The Right Equipment

Using Atom8, Ultralight Outdoor Gear continues to deliver world-class products and services while optimizing on time and reducing errors. What started as a simple solution to a niche problem, Atom8 has grown to become an essential part of the business. Atom8 allows the UOG team to trust internal communication and maximize their application suite using easy-to-implement integrations. Try out Atom8 for free today, with all features unlocked for a limited time!

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