BackOrder Update – BO Multi-storefront is here!

BackOrder Multi-Storefront Update

BackOrder Multi-Storefront accelerates inventory management for all of your channels

backorder multi-storefront

One-click solution to multi-channel problems

BigCommerce stores can enable back ordering for products on different channels easily with BackOrder’s multi-store dashboard

Change stock levels and thresholds on more than one channel

Quickly view and edit any item’s stock levels and BackOrder thresholds even when selling on several storefronts

backorder multi-storefront
backorder multi-storefront

Omnichannel alerts and notifications

BackOrder gets you up-to-date on stock levels, thresholds, and order status for every product on all sites with intuitive alerts

This free update is rolling out to all BackOrder users right now!

Try out BackOrder Multi-Storefront for your BigCommerce stores, contact us for a free product demo and consultation session.

BackOrder CTA

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