How To Use Task Automation Software For Ecommerce Growth

As companies strive to streamline operations and maximize resources, task automation software has emerged as a powerful tool to help achieve these goals. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, enabling employees to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. Let’s explore how leveraging the right task automation tools can transform your business, boost productivity, and give you a competitive edge in your industry! What Is Task Automation Software? Task automation software is a type of application designed to streamline and automate repetitive or routine tasks within an organization. These tools can handle various processes, such as data entry, file transfers, email responses, and workflow management, without the need for manual intervention.  By automating these tasks, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce human error, and free up employees’ time for more complex and strategic activities. The automation software often includes features like scheduling, triggering events, conditional logic, and integration with other systems, enabling organizations to create customized automation workflows tailored to their specific needs.  Ultimately, the goal of task automation software is to enhance productivity, consistency, and cost-effectiveness by minimizing the manual effort required for routine operations. How Task Automation Software Grows Your Business Order Classification One of the first things task automation software can do is categorize customer orders for you. When you receive orders, the software can take the order information and sort it into different groups in a spreadsheet based on preset rules. This categorization helps you identify any potentially fraudulent orders right away.  After categorizing the orders, the automation software can then automatically notify your shipping partners and update your order management system like ShipStation to fulfill and ship out the legitimate orders. Customer Management Customer management involves tasks related to building and maintaining relationships with customers. Task automation software can help with this by automatically identifying and categorizing valuable customers.  For example, it can look at customer purchase data and spending amounts, and then automatically put big spenders into a “VIP” group eligible for special perks and deals. The software can also group customers based on their interests and previous purchases, so you can then market more relevant products and promotions to each segment.  Additionally, automation tools like Atom8 from Grit Global can collect data on what customers want and need, and then automatically send targeted marketing emails with useful information tailored to those specific customers’ interests. Real-time Notification One great feature of task automation software is its ability to send instant notifications. For example, if an item is running out of stock, software like Atom8 can automatically detect this and immediately notify your suppliers or wholesalers that you need to reorder that product.  Similarly, if there are any delays or issues that come up in your processes, the automation tool will send real-time email alerts to the right people in your company. That way, you’re made aware of potential problems right away so you can quickly take action to resolve them. Data Management When a customer places an order, the software immediately takes the product details and exports them into a Google Sheet. It then sends this information over to the shipping and logistics providers.  Additionally, if there are any special notes or instructions attached to an order, the software will include those so that your staff and the shipping team are made aware. This ensures orders are processed accurately and any specific requirements are properly handled. Content Management Task automation software can also help businesses manage their content more efficiently. It allows you to automatically schedule when certain content like blog posts or products goes live or gets hidden from view.  For example, with Atom8, you can set it to publish or unpublish products according to a pre-defined schedule you control. This way, you plan out your content calendar, but the software handles actually making those content updates for you automatically when the scheduled times arrive.  The software can also automate rotating banners or themes on your website every couple of hours to keep things fresh. Additionally, it enables setting up automated discounts and promotions for specific seasons or events that will automatically apply to relevant products, and then remove the discounts after a set period, helping automate eCommerce site operations. Key Considerations When Choosing Task Automation Software Before investing in task automation tools, it’s important to lay the proper groundwork. Start by identifying which specific tasks you want to automate and what integrations with your existing systems are required. Also, consider if certain automation features are truly worth the cost. Understand Your Current Processes There’s no one-size-fits-all automation platform – you need to thoroughly understand your business processes first. A good approach is to map out all the individual steps involved in your core processes. Note how much time is typically spent on each task. This will help you pinpoint which repetitive tasks are prime candidates for automation that could provide major time savings. Integration Needs The automation software either needs to integrate seamlessly with the other tools you currently use, or it should provide a comprehensive replacement solution that eliminates redundant tasks like manual data entry across multiple systems. Over 80% of businesses prefer tools that easily plug into their existing tech stack rather than having to retrain staff on entirely new platforms. Scope of Automation Features Finally, carefully evaluate the scope of features offered by potential task automation software. How much time will the automation actually save you? Will it completely eliminate certain manual tasks, or just reduce some of the workload? If the time savings and efficiency gains aren’t significant, then the investment may not be worthwhile. Effortlessly Automate Task Management with Atom8 Take a moment to think about how you currently handle day-to-day task management. Do you and your team managers manually assign tasks, prioritize work, and create schedules? If so, there’s an opportunity to streamline this process through automation. As one satisfied client shared, “Atom8 allowed me to automate organization.” With Atom8, a specialized for BigCommerce Automation, you can offload many

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