Best B2B eCommerce platform in 2023

With the growth of digital commerce also comes the increasing number of online businesses. The number of online companies within the last three years has skyrocketed. The business-to-business (B2B) market value is projected to increase rapidly, which will allow more merchants to establish their business online. This will further result in increasing the demand for B2B eCommerce platforms. Today, there are several B2B eCommerce platforms that online merchants use for their business. It can be a daunting task for new eCommerce owners to find a reputable platform that offers everything they need. As for others, they don’t know what to look at in these platforms. In this article, we will explore the best b2b eCommerce platform in 2023. Too busy to read? Listen to this article here: What is B2B eCommerce? B2B eCommerce is an online transaction with both parties involved are businesses. For instance, buying a product from a manufacturer to stock for your online store. In this situation, both parties are not the end-user of the product. The manufacturer sells the product to another company, and once that happens, it is known as B2B. Best B2B eCommerce Platform in 2023 Shopify Plus The Shopify Plus is a powerful online shopping cart system that most online eCommerce stores use. The platform offers the same features and dashboard as Shopify. Nevertheless, it has advanced tools and B2B functionalities that allow you to perform different operations. Nowadays, Shopify Plus is gaining wide recognition because of its compatibility with most systems and the unique features it offers. Today, top brands such as Pepsi Co, Kylie Jenner, Nestle, Hawkers, and so on use Shopify Plus on their website. Pricing: starts from $2,000/month. In order to maximize your productivity with a Shopify store, be sure to give our app Shopify Automation a try! Magento Commerce Magento is another reputable eCommerce platform in the eCommerce industry. It has made waves because of its high scalability and customizability. Today, it is a sensational choice for businesses looking to up their game in the ever-competitive eCommerce industry. Currently, Magento has two editions. The Magento Open Source (this is free but with limited features) and Magento Commerce, which is the premium version. The premium edition has a lot of features and offers a better customer experience. It provides richer functionalities, customizable solutions, security, B2B data, and much more. Pricing: Magento Open Source, as stated above, is free. However, you should expect at least $12,000 for development and maintenance. Magento Commerce: from $22,000/year. Usually plus a minimum of $10,000 for development. Magento Commerce Cloud: from $40,000/year. You won’t have to pay extra for hosting, but development costs will still be there. If you’re using an open-source Magento version but switching to Adobe Commerce is overwhelming in terms of cost, efforts and time, GritGlobal’s B2B Magento platform will be one of the considerable choices for you: You can now convert your Magento store into a B2B format website without effort. BigCommerce Enterprise Hardly can you mention the top three eCommerce platforms without mentioning BigCommerce. It is well-known for excellent support, easy to set up, high functionalities, and customizable features. The platform is suitable for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Several big brands utilize BigCommerce Enterprise for their online business, such as Natori, Ben&Jerry’s, and Toyota. Pricing: comes with different plans. From $29.95/month and varies based on features and revenue. While considering BigCommerce, it is essentials to check out our apps: BigCommerce Automation and BigCommerce BackOrder. NuORDER Another unique eCommerce platform that connects over 2,000 brands with a platform to offer their products online. If you want a two-way marketplace with an ordering system that allows brands to connect retailers while retailers look for other brands, then you need NuORDER. It provides storeowners a seamless process that makes searching for a product straightforward. Furthermore, it comes with unique features that include customization, security, and visual assortments. Pricing: customized by quotes. Conclusion Whatever business you want to set up online, you need a good eCommerce platform that provides security, customization, and other features. Today, the growth of an online business is rapidly increasing, and you need to stay ahead of the game by providing a seamless platform for customers. We have looked at some of the best B2B eCommerce platforms in 2023 for your online business. (article updated December 2021)

5 Things To Consider In A B2B eCommerce Platform

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The B2B market allows a company to close a deal with another organization.  It is informational, straightforward, and offers more revenue opportunities. To have a successful operation, you need a B2B eCommerce platform with good features. In this article, we’ve summed up all functionalities you need to consider while choosing an operation platform.  1. Segmentation You should be able to create a different segment for the B2B market because the order quantity might vary. You always need to create group designation and classify customers accordingly. Check if you can segment customers based on quantity, order value, location, and other details.    2. Price lists for customer groups Personalized price lists offer a great incentive for consumers to buy from your store. However, you need to be able to apply different prices for different groups of people. One way to do this is to set up prices based on order quantity, from the minimum to maximum. You can also create a specific price with a specific catalog. You need to set up a product and pricing structure as well. All of this is impossible if your B2B eCommerce platform doesn’t support customizing price lists. And without it, you risk missing out on many potential customers. So pay special attention to this function.  3. Flexible payment method Payment should be flexible all the time. Your customers should be able to pay with any method they’re comfortable with. You should at least have all the basic options, including debit card, credit card, iDeal, PayPal, etc. Make sure that the payment process is safe and transparent. Don’t forget to send a payment confirmation to your customer. 4. Bulk buying options For the B2B market, the client always buys a huge product ratio. So a buy-in-bulk option is highly needed. This is a flexible buying mode that will encourage your customer to close the deal. Your customers need to know the quantity needed to get a bulk price. If it is good enough, they are more likely to purchase in mass even though they need a little bit less than that. You might also want to check out other types of buying options that can improve your store performance such as pre-order and backorder.  5. Restricted access Sometimes, you have to restrict access to your eCommerce platform, permitting only a specific group to see content and products. One way to ensure this is to use password protection. This function requires customers to fill up the form and create a profile by using a username and password. The business can control the main page visibility with proper features. This empowers you to hire proper prices and product lists or block unregisters visitors buy. Conclusion It is necessary that your B2B eCommerce platform supports all the needed functionalities to run your business effectively. These features help generate more sales and increase more profit ratio. Choose the best deal online and then proceed now! Always implement advanced features which make your B2B portal user-friendly. If you wish to convert your open-source Magento store into B2B format, GritGlobal has now offered a B2B platform exclusively for eCommerce merchants who wants an open-source eCommerce platform with an affordable pricing plan. You can discover here: You can now convert your Magento store into a B2B format website without effort.

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