5 Things To Consider In A B2B eCommerce Platform

woman sitting in the table choosing a b2b ecommerce platform

The B2B market allows a company to close a deal with another organization.  It is informational, straightforward, and offers more revenue opportunities. To have a successful operation, you need a B2B eCommerce platform with good features.

In this article, we’ve summed up all functionalities you need to consider while choosing an operation platform. 

1. Segmentation

You should be able to create a different segment for the B2B market because the order quantity might vary. You always need to create group designation and classify customers accordingly. Check if you can segment customers based on quantity, order value, location, and other details.   

2. Price lists for customer groups

Personalized price lists offer a great incentive for consumers to buy from your store. However, you need to be able to apply different prices for different groups of people. One way to do this is to set up prices based on order quantity, from the minimum to maximum. You can also create a specific price with a specific catalog. You need to set up a product and pricing structure as well. All of this is impossible if your B2B eCommerce platform doesn’t support customizing price lists. And without it, you risk missing out on many potential customers. So pay special attention to this function. 

3. Flexible payment method

Payment should be flexible all the time. Your customers should be able to pay with any method they’re comfortable with. You should at least have all the basic options, including debit card, credit card, iDeal, PayPal, etc. Make sure that the payment process is safe and transparent. Don’t forget to send a payment confirmation to your customer.

4. Bulk buying options

For the B2B market, the client always buys a huge product ratio. So a buy-in-bulk option is highly needed. This is a flexible buying mode that will encourage your customer to close the deal. Your customers need to know the quantity needed to get a bulk price. If it is good enough, they are more likely to purchase in mass even though they need a little bit less than that. You might also want to check out other types of buying options that can improve your store performance such as pre-order and backorder

5. Restricted access

Sometimes, you have to restrict access to your eCommerce platform, permitting only a specific group to see content and products. One way to ensure this is to use password protection. This function requires customers to fill up the form and create a profile by using a username and password. The business can control the main page visibility with proper features. This empowers you to hire proper prices and product lists or block unregisters visitors buy.


It is necessary that your B2B eCommerce platform supports all the needed functionalities to run your business effectively. These features help generate more sales and increase more profit ratio. Choose the best deal online and then proceed now! Always implement advanced features which make your B2B portal user-friendly.

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