The Differences Between Backlog vs. Backorder

Backlog vs BackOrder

TL;DR: Backlog represents your entire unfulfilled order history, including all unsatisfied customer orders. Backorders are customers’ orders of out-of-stock item. There can be backorders in your backlog, but stores can choose not to allow backorders on their website. An accurate backlog will help with inventory management. Backorder is a viable sales tactic to rescue lost […]

Instruction to Integrate BackOrder into Atom8

Perhaps the biggest fear of any merchant is to fail to serve the best of their customers, especially during the high season. You might be too busy with setting up the store and forget about your stock running out.  With Atom8’s BackOrder integration, you can keep track of your inventory and allow customers to pre-order […]

Assign a Product to BackOrder in Atom8

No retailer ever wants to fail their customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to best-selling items. However, there are times when the customer demands outweigh the number of inventory. To prevent customer loss, assign your product to BackOrder. This way, your visitor can still have it delivered in the future while giving your staff more […]

eCommerce Order Fulfillment Challenges and Best Practices

A man using automation in fulfillment management

For online merchants, acquiring a customer is not yet the end. It’s just the beginning of the broader supply chain process: eCommerce Order Fulfillment. There are many moving pieces of the fulfillment workflow for an order to end up at the customer’s doorstep – including receiving inventory, warehousing products, picking and packing items, and shipping […]

Black Friday Stock-out: What It Costs Sunglass LA and Why BackOrder is The Perfect Solution

Sunglass LA is one of the few eyewear brands that achieved success from the very beginning owing to its trendy and affordable designs. The innovative visual merchandising, store branding and product strategy enabled Sunglass LA to achieve astonishing results in the market. Like other brands, Sunglass LA always developed thoughtful strategies to maximize its revenue […]

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