Update BigCommerce Order with HTTP Request

Atom8’s latest feature, HTTP Request, is a powerful tool for store owners to create workflow using BigCommerce API. This example workflow using HTTP Request updates incoming orders with accurate customer information, even when they are not logged in. Even if your customers have been logged out or forgot to re-login to their account before purchasing, […]

Email customers after a quiet period of no orders

If customers do not create any orders in x days after their registration, send an email to the customer. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your new stocks or incentivize customers with promotions! Also, notify the customer service team to take care of those customers.

Generate Customer Info to a Spreadsheet after Customer Created

Imagine your store has a newly created customer; you will want to immediately generate that customer information to your Google Sheet spreadsheet and send a notification email to your internal team. Now, thanks to Google Sheet’s integration, Atom8 can automatically cover all these time-consuming tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving you a lot of time […]

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