Update BigCommerce Order with HTTP Request

Atom8’s latest feature, HTTP Request, is a powerful tool for store owners to create workflow using BigCommerce API. This example workflow using HTTP Request updates incoming orders with accurate customer information, even when they are not logged in. Even if your customers have been logged out or forgot to re-login to their account before purchasing, BigCommerce store owners can now accurately track and update their orders to the correct customer using Atom8.

In this example, our workflow uses an HTTP Request action to get the Order Email from BigCommerce API. The action is triggered everytime an order is placed, regardless if customers are logged in to your site or not. This action also checks to see if the newly entered email has already existing in your pre-exisiting customer email list.

If the workflow detects a match for the new email and an existing customer email, you can then set another HTTP action to update your order with the customer’s existing information. Update any order with HTTP Request can drastically increase your order management accuracy.

Here are two seperate orders made using the same email. While one is registered as a guest purchase, the other order was made while this HTTP Request workflow was activated. The order made while Atom8 workflow was active has the correct customer’s name, email, and other attributes.

Using HTTP Request, Atom8’s automation capabilities are now greatly expanded. You can check BigCommerce’s API documentations to see what’s possible with Atom8’s HTTP feature. Or, you can contact us for a free product demo session anytime.

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