External Data Support (HTTP Triggers) with Atom8

Atom8’s External Data workflow allows you to send and receive HTTP requests to and from any external system. This information can be collected from various sources, including BigCommerce API, your CRM/ERP with API documentation, your store’s inventory management systems, etc. This data can be incorporated into Atom8’s workflow and be used to automate any action […]

Follow Up with Leads After an Order is Placed

Send personalized emails (or any other follow-up emails) to your customers when a transaction occurs via email marketing tools (MailChimp/SendGrid/Klaviyo). By humanizing the relationship between your business and your clients, you will gain customer engagement that results in excellent brand loyalty.

Auto-Publish & Switch Banners on Website

Promoting multiple sales campaigns on a website can be quite a challenging task. This workflow allows you to automatically & continuously publish & switch banners on a pre-scheduled basis, saving a lot of time & effort invested in manual tasks.

Auto-publish Blog Articles to Your Website

Regarding a sales & promotional campaign, you will want to schedule publishing blog posts to your stores. Now, Atom8 can execute all these manual tasks on a pre-scheduled basis, saving a lot of time & effort invested in manual tasks.

Apply membership prices to specific customer groups

Imagine you want to increase sales of a specific product by applying for this promotion. If any customer purchases this product, he will be a membership customer. A special price list for other products in the same category will be made visible when he navigates the store on some special sale occasions.

Integrating with Mailchimp/Sendgrid/Klaviyo

To a BigCommerce store owner, effective email marketing software allows you to easily group your subscribers into segments and message the target customers. Atom8’s native integration with Sendgrid, MailChimp, and Klavyio can unlock the full potential of automation in your engagement with new contacts, helping you to deliver a faster, more personalized customer experience.

Segment customers on email marketing platforms

When a customer has just registered on your store, you’ll want to add this customer to email marketing platforms to a specific list or segment so that corresponding campaigns will be promoted to this new customer. After some time, you’ll want to migrate this customer to another segment for other campaigns. Atom8’s automated workflow can […]

Email customers after a quiet period of no orders

If customers do not create any orders in x days after their registration, send an email to the customer. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your new stocks or incentivize customers with promotions! Also, notify the customer service team to take care of those customers.

Top Marketing Automation Workflow Examples to Learn From

a woman working on her marketing automation

There are many examples of marketing automation workflow these days. This is because marketing activities such as social media posting, email marketing, and ad events required to be executed over and over again. With a huge amount of product and tactics, it becomes extraordinarily tedious and time-consuming. As a result, many businesses have deployed automation […]

Marketing Automation Benefits for Online Businesses

marketing automation benefits for online businesses

Among efforts to digitize businesses, eCommerce marketing automation is probably the fastest emerging trend. In general, automation platforms enhance marketing efficiency while releasing the pressure to personalize the experience for every customer.  In this article, we discuss how marketing automation has helped online stores accelerate their operational performance.  What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is […]

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