External Data Support (HTTP Triggers) with Atom8

Atom8’s External Data workflow allows you to send and receive HTTP requests to and from any external system. This information can be collected from various sources, including BigCommerce API, your CRM/ERP with API documentation, your store’s inventory management systems, etc. This data can be incorporated into Atom8’s workflow and be used to automate any action on BigCommerce.

For example, a BigCommerce store can use Atom8’s HTTP Request action to get the customer’s name, email, and order information from BigCommerce API can transfer that data from BigCommerce to Klaviyo using another HTTP Request action. While most native content management system makes the user manually upload data or reserve integration functionalities behind upgrades, BigCommerce stores can now use Atom8 as the integration bridge between any application.

Here’s an example of a HTTP Request action deployed to update BigCommerce orders.

To better understand Atom8’s HTTP functionality and possibilities for your business, book a free product demo session with us today!

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